6 Wrong Exercise Methods Accelerate Aging

Active exercise is very beneficial to health, but only by mastering the correct way can it be effective, and incorrect ways can accelerate the aging of the human body. Let’s see which methods are good for exercising.

What is the neuroplasticity for curing brain injury?

Our brain is not static. According to research, every synapse of our brain may change with time. Neuroplasticity makes it possible to retrieve memory, strengthen the brain, strengthen learning ability or even strengthen some other ability.

How to clean your navel in a natural way

The navel is a sensitive area that we often forget. If you look carefully, the navel may be one of the places in your body where bacteria are most easily hidden.

Bionic glue can quickly and strongly stop bleeding

How can the wound be healed safely and quickly? The research team from Zhejiang University’s Medical College and other units reported a bionic hydrogel material that can completely stop large artery injury and massive hemorrhage from heart penetrating injury within tens of seconds[1]. The effect of this material has been confirmed in animal experiments and…

6 Diet helps you keep your muscles healthy

Whether a person can live a long life or have a good quality of life when he is old depends on how many functional and normal muscle tissues can be preserved when he is old. The more muscle is retained and the better its function is, the better the quality of life is guaranteed. So,…

When should different types of vitamins be taken?

Vitamins are the same as drugs, because of their different characteristics, the time of taking and absorption are also different. Correctly grasping the appropriate taking time can not only achieve the best absorption and utilization effect, but also will not cause a burden on the body. The Best Time to Take Vitamins Fat-soluble vitamins: taken…

Does vitamin D deficiency make you fat?

Vitamin D is also called ” sunshine vitamin”. Adequate vitamin D is indispensable for strengthening bones, teeth, muscles and preventing chronic pain and cancer. Not only that, the study also found that vitamin D deficiency may lead to weight gain. The National Institutes of Health estimates that about 1 billion people worldwide lack vitamin D….