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Welcome to this website. 

On this page you will learn about some of the statements and considerations on this site. 

On Howtobehealth.net

This is a health article website, where you can see articles about human health, disease, food, health and so on. 

Howtobehealth only provides reference information on health. we do not replace your doctor’s advice. please consult a doctor or health specialist when you have a health problem or need medical advice. 

Please do not use any Internet reference content as a basis for your treatment. 

Article copyright

We attach great importance to copyright issues and will resolve your copyright concerns for you in a short period of time. 

Howtobehealth hires editors to provide content to the site, and some of the content comes from user submissions, and we do original testing when the article is published to prevent copyright infringement. 

However, if you find that one of our articles inadvertently infringes your copyright, please contact us according to the following contact information, we will verify and reply. 

If our editor or contributor’s article infringes your copyright, we will delete the infringing article and apologize as soon as possible. 

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Complaint / opinion email: [email protected]

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