The best comforter is yourself! 3 ways to comfort yourself

We should all learn to enjoy and talk to ourselves. In real life, no one can stay with us forever, so self-consolation becomes very important. And when you can get used to being yourself, you will naturally show healthy self-esteem and confidence. Here are three ways to comfort yourself. The trick is to accept and embrace anything you encounter, not to fear it, but to allow yourself. Cross the comfort zone and never give up.

Running and diarrhea are definitely not a good combination, let's figure it out!

Be quiet and remind you to be grateful

Today’s urban people are not used to being alone (Me Time). We are full of busy lives every day. Whether at home or outside, the body is constantly receiving all kinds of information. Because of this, you and I need quiet time And do nothing, let the body and mind relax.

In the process alone, the practice of self-compassion (Self-compassion) and since I reflect (Se LF the Reflection) is a good thing, it can remind us of Thanksgiving, and embrace his character, including those subtle little things, and seemingly ” imperfect ” Everyone’s appearance is unique, and the definition of beauty cannot be judged solely by appearance.

According to the University of California (the University of California, referred to as the UC) study by the Department of Psychology, gratitude, and compassion in addition to enhancing the well-being, it also helps them overcome obstacles and difficulties, avoid the pitfalls.

Meditation and mindfulness to answer your inner doubts

No matter how much we pursue material things in life, at some point in our lives, we begin to realize what is missing and begin to ask ourselves what is the meaning of life and what is the purpose of life. To answer such philosophical questions, we first need to know who “you” are. When one knows how to live truly for himself, he may have the answer in his heart. Meditation can be an auxiliary method.

By visualizing a relaxing image in your mind, such as looking at the sea at sunset, or a hug from a family member, and then taking a deep breath, feel the movement of your body while setting yourself up, and repeat it a few times. In addition, the practice of Mindfulness (Mindfulness) is also a good way, U.S. health psychologist Darlene m Ning’s (Darlene Mininni) said that as long as you focus on what are you doing one thing, it is Mindfulness, does not have to rely on meditation is, but suggest to find a repetitive activities to do, for example, washing the dishes, you can focus on the sound of water and the fragrance of dish detergent, then ask yourself the heart feeling, this helps to feel your body feel.

For more challenging mindfulness, find a quiet place to eliminate all distractions — TV, phone, computer, music, books — and then close your eyes, or look at an empty wall, and set a time to let your mind wander. Start with 5 minutes and slowly lengthen the time. When you’re stuck with a difficult problem and can’t let it go, take a break and ask yourself: will it still be bothering you in 1 year, 5 years, or even 10 years from now?

Interest and outdoor activities help detoxify the community

A person is not alone because he can do what he likes, but when we can enjoy our own interests, such as listening to music and cooking, we can truly live out ourselves. In addition to activities at home, planning a light trip on the weekend, finding a gourmet restaurant to eat in, lounging in a coffee shop, walking through a nearby park, watching a movie, etc. are all good choices. The key is to look forward to your life!

The first thing most people do when they get up is no longer brush their teeth and wash their face, but tap their mobile phones to catch up with the latest news. Our lives have been unknowingly hijacked by social networks. This is not to say that technology is bad, but the occasional social detox, a walk or exercise outside, even a stretch or volunteering, can bring physical benefits.

Finally, it’s important not to blame yourself for your negative feelings or feel the need to see immediate results. The weather is changeable, and so are our moods. We have good days and bad days, but if we are honest about our feelings, that’s enough.

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