How to improve immunity against new pneumonia?

The outbreak of Wuhan Coronavirus (New Coronavirus, officially named 2019-nCoV) is still spreading. In the face of the onset of influenza and viruses , in addition to wearing a mask and washing your hands , you must also ensure that your body’s immune system is strong. It is a protection that no one can ignore. In fact, immunity must be slowly built and cultivated through daily eating habits and lifestyles . Traditional Chinese medicine and health products can only supplement the nutrients and vitality needed by the body , and cannot prevent the infection of diseases . The following three methods are effective Methods to strengthen the body’s immunity are especially important for the elderly and those with insufficient nutritional intake.

2019-nCoV:All the authoritative information you need to know

The more diverse the colors of fruits and vegetables when eating the original food, the better

Now people pay attention to aging, weight loss body sculpting in a short time want to have the ideal body , and even dietary health is also done quickly, but the human body function is not supposed to work, with each person’s physical different, can absorb the amount is different, according to the US non-profit academic medical center Cleveland clinic data (Cleveland clinic) pointed out that some health care products may also have side effects, especially vitamin E in supplements, clinical studies on its body is not only less, some There are also risks. Pregnant women and children are reminded not to take it without permission.

Therefore, the safer way to ingest vitamins is to eat whole food and include as many kinds of fruits and vegetables as possible . Remember that the more diverse the color of food, the more vitamins and minerals it contains, including the richer vitamin C of oranges , oranges , grapefruit , kiwi , strawberries , broccoli , bell peppers , spinach , kale; containing vitamin B6 have the chicken , salmon and tuna cold-water fish (cold water fish), and green vegetables, Chickpeas ; Vitamin E is a nut .

Other foods that can strengthen the body’s immunity include sweet potatoes , shiitake mushrooms, ginger , garlic , turmeric , Kefir (a fermented milk drink like yogurt), blueberries , and dark chocolate . A small reminder, when choosing foods , avoid taking too much sugar , as this will affect the functioning of the immune system. In particular, avoid drinking sugary drinks , drinking plenty of water , and eating foods with high water content , such as gherkins , celery and watermelon.

Sleep well and exercise regularly can produce happy hormones

When a person’s sleep schedule is abnormal or stays up late, the immune system will also decrease, and at the same time, stress hormones like Cortisol will increase, increasing the risk of body inflammation, and more likely to catch a cold or suffer from illness infection.

It is recommended that the average adult sleep for 7-9 hours and children under 12 should sleep for at least 10 hours, and develop regular exercise habits, even a half-hour walk every day can help secrete happy hormones there are hormone dopamine (dopamine), amine Dauphin (Endorphin), serotonin (serotonin), and oxytocin (oxytocin), they can not only improve sleep quality, will also strengthen the immune system.

Stay connected with people and laugh away from stressors

If you find that there has been a long time stuck in pressure Please pay special attention to physical condition, chronic stress (Chronic stress) can suppress the immune system and make people more likely to get sick , although we can not completely remove the pressure, but you can control it During a busy day of work, you can use your break time to slow down , have a leisurely lunch, or go out for a cup of coffee to get a good breath and try to connect with the people around you, which can greatly reduce your stress index. Other possible methods are fitness , meditation , and consulting with a professional psychologist.

Have you ever thought, poor diet and exercise may not be the issue of immunity, but the lack of stable relationships , whether it is able to talk the truth of girlfriends best friend, or will accommodate your family and relatives, our hearts deep need Close connection with others? In addition, the loss of previous humor and joy is also a sign of low immunity. Laugh more when you are okay. Encourage yourself to look good and be grateful for everything . Remember that every time we laugh, we will increase the immune globulin in the body. (Immunoglobulin A), helps the body fight bacterial infections and diseases.

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