How to reduce calorie intake at Christmas?

In winter, hidden calorie traps lurk everywhere, which you should better avoid. Of course, you don’t have to do without them completely.

The Advent weeks with cookies and crispy goose are a challenge for the scales. Here come the most dangerous situations for your figure – and our best tips on how to avoid the calorie traps most cleverly.

Christmas parties may get you a lot of calories. Here's how to avoid them!
Christmas parties may get you a lot of calories. Here’s how to avoid them!

Calorie trap cookies

It is no longer a secret that pleasant smells can stimulate the appetite. The scent of delicious Christmas spices when baking cinnamon stars and the like automatically tempts you to nibble out of the dough bowl like a remote control. So when you’re baking, open the windows and let the seductive scents fly away. Even better, you’ll appreciate our clever tips for saving unnecessary calories in Christmas baking.

  • Low carb flour instead of wheat flour: In biscuit recipes, replace normal flour with low carb flour alternatives such as grated almonds or coconut flour. So you can save a considerable amount of simple carbohydrates and cravings won’t stand a chance.
  • Reduce the amount of sugar in your recipes: Replace industrial sugar (partially) with honey, stevia, erythritol, maple syrup, dried fruit or applesauce. The sugar substitute xylitol is also an excellent way of baking cookies and saving a full 40 percent in calories.

Calorie Trap Supermarket

In the supermarket, you can buy Christmas stollen and gingerbread many weeks before Christmas. There your own discipline will be put to the test.

How to save calories in the supermarket

  • Don’t fall for marketing tricks: Especially at Christmas time, treats are often provided with terms such as “limited edition” or “only for a short time”, and this stimulates impulse purchases. Means: You reach out without actually wanting to.
  • Look at the nutritional values: Read what’s on the package and check the nutritional information before you strike. Remember how long you need to train to rebalance all the excess calories. With four gingerbread hearts, you need about an hour on the cross-trainer.
  • Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach: Our tip: eat something before shopping and also suck peppermint sweets, because the freshness drives away the desire for sweets.

Calorie trap Christmas market

No one can pass mulled wine stalls and bratwurst stalls in the run-up to Christmas. It’s just stupid that healthy delicacies seem to have a market ban.

How to save calories at the Christmas market:

  • Never go hungry to the Christmas market: If you get scared of your own excessiveness at the sight of burnt almonds and lard pastries, you should eat skimmed quark or cottage cheese just before visiting. Due to their high protein content, both ensure that the hunger is satisfied and does not come back so soon.
  • Don’t eat fast while standing: If you just quickly stop a bratwurst while standing or walking in, you won’t give your feeling of satiety a chance to get active, because it only comes in after about 20 minutes. And by then, a lot of calories may have landed in your stomach. So don’t snare indiscriminately, but consciously, and chew well.
  • Pay attention to the drinks: Order a children’s punch (not egg punch!), because the mulled wine brings it to about 250 calories per cup. The infantile version has only about 115 calories. Also top: glow must, so hot cider with only 90 calories.

Calorie Trap Christmas Dinner

Until now it was always the case that first, the tabletop bent under the weight of roast goose, dumplings and red cabbage, then you and the guests – because of the bulging bellies.

How to save calories at Christmas dinner:

  • Low-fat motto menu: Announce serving a figure-friendly festive menu this year. Or use a motto to indicate that the feast will be Mediterranean (and therefore low in fat).
  • Eat your fill of healthy starters: start with a large salad or minestrone. Put the XXL plate on the table. Studies have shown: The bigger a plate is, the more it is charged – and this is definitely desirable for light meals.
  • Serve duck instead of goose: at 31 grams, the latter has the highest fat content of all poultry species and beats on the hips with around 345 calories per serving (125 grams). Duck, on the other hand, has only 227 calories and 17 grams of fat. If you then secure your skinny chest and leave your crispy skin on the side, you’ll do everything right.

Calorie Trap Christmas Party

Spicy puff pastry snacks, baked scampi, and mountains of sweet desserts. At the buffet, the chef really didn’t let himself be tainted, and the selection of drinks is also tempting: champagne and cocktails in abundance.

How to save calories at the Christmas party:

  • Keep a safe distance from the buffet: Standing or sitting directly next to the buffet without eating the delicacies non-stop would be an inhuman achievement. Better: A place far away from the temptations, so you have to walk across the room every time to get supplies. This will slow you down after the second gear at the latest.
  • Keep a low profile on finger food: salmon canapés in puff pastry have a hefty 135 calories each and date in a bacon coat brings it up to 70 calories. Better: Eat only three appetizers that you really love – and enjoy them with all your senses. Twice as good: snacks with chicory or artichokes, because the bitter substances they contain slow down hunger.
  • Non-alcoholic drinks save calories: Take the non-alcoholic option for your drinks. A glass of sparkling wine (100 ml) has about 80 calories, the non-alcoholic version has more than 50 percent fewer calories, usually about 25 to 30 calories. The situation is similar to beer, where non-alcoholic pilsner also scores highly.

Whether at the Christmas party or baking cookies: superfluous calories can be saved on every corner during Advent. And that’s not that difficult. Because instead of giving up, in most cases you just have to look for a figure-friendly alternative. In addition – as is so often the case – everything is allowed in dimensions and does not make you fat.

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