7 things orange peel does for our health

The orange peel should not be thrown away directly, it can do a lot of good for our health. The peel of the fruit does these seven things for us.

Be sure to use only unsprayed fruit and wash the oranges thoroughly before eating them.

Lemonade/Orange Water
Lemonade/Orange Water

Orange peel tea for stomach aches like heartburn

An unhealthy lifestyle, stress or too much coffee or alcohol can trigger stomach problems. Heartburn in particular plagues many people. A tea made from orange peel can alleviate the symptoms, as the peel of oranges is alkaline and thus keeps acid production in check.

Eating orange peel keeps the cardiovascular system going

Orange peel contains flavonoids that help clean the arteries. The peel also keeps cholesterol levels low. Simply season the food with grated orange peel and you’ll do your cardiovascular system good.

Natural help with oral hygiene

If you chew orange peel instead of standard chewing gum, you can fight possible bad breath. In addition, the peel whitens the teeth.

A healthy bowel thanks to orange peel

Not only the stomach, but also the intestines benefit from orange peels. The peel contains insoluble polysaccharides, a group of edible fibres. By eating the orange peel, flatulence can be brought under control.

For a strong immune system: Orange peel

There’s a lot of vitamin C in orange juice. But orange peel is also full of antioxidants and vitamin C. Thus a tea from the peel keeps the immune system on its toes.

Orange peel helps to lose weight

Orange peel has a detoxifying and satiating effect. The peel can be used as a tea or spice to help lose weight.

Free airways thanks to orange peels

Respiratory diseases such as asthma or bronchitis can make life difficult for those affected. Orange peels have a cleansing and expectorant effect. The consumption of orange peel soothes the discomfort and provides free airways.

Orange peels can also be used to make a refreshing facial tonic. Just let the tea cool down and you have a completely natural face lotion with anti-aging effect, which cleanses and radiates your skin.

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