Weigh yourself every day at Christmas to stay slim

The Christmas season is teeming with sweet temptations that hardly anyone can resist. A new study found that regularly looking at the scale prevents a few kilos from increasing.

Especially during the Christmas season, many find it difficult to keep their weight. The temptation is simply too great.

The heavy food, the many sweets, mulled wine & Co. quickly provide a few extra pounds on the scale.

According to a new study, however, this undesirable weight gain can be prevented with a very simple remedy: Daily weighing during the feast period should help to keep control of the weight and keep the extra pounds in check.

Weigh yourself every day at Christmas to stay slim

Weight control with a smart balance

In the course of their study, a research team from the University of Georgia examined the weight history of 111 people.

Half received a smart balance and was expected to weigh daily from Thanksgiving (late November) until the beginning of the new year. They should make sure that their weight does not exceed the initial weight.

Smart scales are connected to the Internet and hold all data in an app that graphically records the course of body weight.

The second group acted as a control group.

Daily weighing

In the analysis, the researchers came to the conclusion that the individuals weighing on a daily basis did not increase in that period, but kept their weight largely.

Those who were overweight before starting the study had even lost about 1.46 kg.

By contrast, the subjects in the control group had gained around 2.65 kg between Thanksgiving and the New Year. Although they had lost some of the extra kilos 14 weeks after the New Year, they were still about 1.5 kilos heavier than at baseline.

Don’t be overweight during Christmas

Weighing yourself daily could prevent weight gain during the Christmas season, scientists have concluded.

Overweight people, in particular, benefit from daily weight control: these are reduced by weighing themselves every day, even during the Christmas season.


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