5 ways to make your towels more hygienic

Many times, what you think is sanitary will often disappoint you. When you have finished bathing, you will often put a towel on yourself, which makes you feel good. Wait a minute. Is the towel really hygienic?

However, the feeling of cleanliness is unreliable. Because if not handled properly, towels can quickly become petri dishes.

Which part of the bathroom do you think has the most bacteria? The toilet, the sink, they’re all wrong.

Because: towels are a real healthy oasis for bacteria.

Most people scrub the tub carefully, but many aren’t so careful with their towels. White towels make you less alert. Here are five things you should know.

Whoever shares towels also shares bacteria

Towels are not always hygienic; you need local bacteria.
Towels are not always hygienic.

Many consider it safe to share towels with others, because after all, they are only used when their hands have already been washed. But how much can you trust that the co-users will rinse their hands as meticulously as you do?

A true paradise for bacteria — they pass effortlessly from one person to another. A 2014 study by the University of Arizona found faecal germs in 90 percent of all towels examined.

Down from the hook

Most towels end up on the hook after use. This makes the germs happy, because the crumpled terry makes drying difficult – and in the moist heat, the bacteria literally blossom.

So the faster you get the cloth dry again after drying, the better. Heated towel racks or even just the heating make it equally difficult for the little plague spirits.

Switching — often

Hand on heart: How long does the average towel hang in the bathroom? The problem is that it often still looks clean when bacteria are already multiplying. Therefore, experts advise changing towels every two or three days at the latest.

If there is a sick person in the household, the cloth should actually go into the laundry after each use. If you want to make sure that everything is really clean, you should always wash at 60 degrees. This is the advice of the Consumer Centre.

Use facial towel

It has already been mentioned above: whoever washes his hands does not always destroy all bacteria. The germs that survive the wash spread in the towel. So you should never use a towel, on which you dry your hands, also for the face.

Use detergent only sparingly

Despite increased environmental awareness, many still apply the principle of “a lot helps a lot” when they dose their detergent. Especially with towels, a lot of damage can be caused in the long term, because the overdose leads to deposits, which eventually become established.

This not only scratches the feel-good factor and makes the terry unsightly, but also means that less detergent is absorbed during subsequent washings — so the overdose causes the opposite of what one actually wanted to achieve in the long term.

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