Gum Helps Pregnant: Is It True?

When is a woman ready for conception? It is not easy for laypeople to recognize this. A chewing gum is supposed to change this.

Gum Helps Pregnant: Is It True?

Chewing gum gives green light for sex

It has to be easier, a team of 13 students, seven women and six men, thought of the University of Copenhagen, reports “”. The young researchers in biotechnology and molecular biology are working together to develop an “intelligent chewing gum” that changes color to indicate where women are at the point in their menstrual cycle.

It can hardly be easier, no tedious measuring of temperature, no analysis of the cervicile mucus, no ovulation test. The intelligent chewing gum gives the green light for sex – if the color is right.

How does the chewing gum work?

Chewing gum contains hormone receptors that can measure estrogen and LH. In addition, chewing gum contains receptors that detect progesterone, a hormone that helps the uterus prepare for pregnancy.

These hormones are also present in saliva when a woman ovulates. According to the students’ plans, the project called “Ovulaid” (ovulation aid) will cost a fraction of the conventional tests.

Discreet chewing gum for readiness for conception

So far, the chewing gum tastes more like wax. But there are more important things to do at the moment: “We need to see if the active ingredient is preserved in the chewing gum – only then will we add flavours,” researcher Anett Stéger told the Guardian. It is planned that the chewing gum will be packaged very discreetly and is available in supermarkets in different flavors.

The cheap chewing gum “Ovulaid” could provide valuable services not only for pregnancy desires, but also in developing countries, where clinics have little money for regular and expensive fertility tests.

Unclear when the chewing gum will come on the market

The researchers are also working on a smartphone app that will make it easier to interpret the colors of chewing gum. Although the chewing gum is biodegradable, it reduces the plastic waste generated by conventional ovulation tests and is therefore more sustainable. However, it may be difficult to get it to women in Europe. This is because the hormone receptors in the chewable mass are genetically modified. Gene manipulations are strictly controlled in the EU.

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