Getting rid of a barking cough quickly

Getting rid of a cough that coughs quickly – that’s what every person who is shaken at night by the cough, whose neck burns and hurts and who can hardly talk anymore. Barking cough, a permanent coughing stimulus – that can make you really ready. In addition, barking cough is not harmless, as it can spread to chronic bronchitis.

Getting rid of a barking cough quickly

In addition, barking cough can also be a harbinger of whooping cough or the dreaded childhood disease pseudocroup. It is therefore important to quickly get rid of barking coughs. Here is some advice.

They must make breathing easier for the patient. This requires clear and clean air. So: Even if the barking cough is connected with a cold open windows and let fresh air into the apartment. Concentrated pollutants in the air – especially tobacco smoke – must be kept away from the patient. Sea or mountain air is ideal. Above all, fog layers must be avoided. Because pollutants are concentrated in the fogged air.

The mallow is actually an ornamental plant for the garden. But it is also a tried and tested household remedy for barking coughs, because its mucilage has a calming effect on inflamed respiratory tract. In the evening, add four teaspoons of dried mallow blossoms to half a litre of cold water and let the brew brew overnight. Strain off the next day, warm the brew and drink three cups during the day.

When the cough is barking, mucus accumulates and flows down into the respiratory tract at night. The essential oils of fennel, anise and thyme have an expectorant effect and facilitate coughing up. Prepare this tea: Mix ten grams of thyme with 20 grams each of fennel and aniseed seeds. Pour two teaspoons of this mixture per cup with 200 ml boiling water, leave to brew for ten minutes, sweeten with honey and drink three cups daily.

Take a large white radish and hollow it out. In the cavity put honey and wait three hours. During this time the honey draws juice from the radish and mixes with it. Pour this mixture into a dark bottle and drink a small glass twice a day after eating. Inhaling with salt also helps to get rid of your barking cough quickly. Dissolve ten grams of sea salt in a litre of boiling water. Hang your head over the steaming pot and cover with a towel. Inhale the salt vapour through your nose and exhale through your mouth for ten minutes.

A quick help for barking cough can also be the coltsfoot. Its leaves contain mucilage that inhibits inflammation and loosens stuck cough mucus. Make the following tea: Cut two teaspoons of dried leaves finely and pour a cup of hot water over them. Leave to brew for five minutes and strain. Drink several cups a day, but do not use for more than four weeks. You can also buy this natural remedy as juice in a pharmacy.

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