Home remedies for house dust allergy

Very important in the fight against house dust allergy, which is mainly caused by mites, is the hygiene in the household. Because here, the dust mites can deposit their feces, which then causes the allergies. Obtain a TÜV certified mite-proof and breathable cover for your mattress. Especially if you are allergic.

Wash the bed linen in relatively short intervals at 60 degrees – the mites cannot stand this. In order to get the house dust under control and to deprive the mites of their livelihood, you should use a vacuum cleaner with an effective Hepa filter. Vacuum thoroughly once a week – this will protect you from mites and allergies.[1]

Home remedies for house dust allergy
Home remedies for house dust allergy

Further tips against house dust allergy

  • You should put cuddly toys and covers in the freezer regularly for several hours – the mites die there.
  • If you can choose between leather or fabric upholstery when choosing your seating furniture, then choose leather. The mites cannot store their faeces there.
  • Books in a bookcase are a beautiful sight – but the books should stand behind glass. Otherwise dust will settle.
  • Smooth floors are particularly hostile to mites – but only if they are thoroughly wiped with a damp cloth every three to four days. Then dry well, otherwise symptoms of house dust mite allergy may develop.
  • Mites love a habitat with high humidity and temperatures above 25 degrees. Therefore you should sleep cool and dry. Remove skin flakes from bed linen.
  • Take a cure with the oil of the Neem tree. After rubbing it in, the mites no longer like your skin, they starve to death.
  • Take a course of treatment with black cumin oil, one teaspoon a day, for two weeks.
  • A vitamin-rich diet is an absolute must if you want to fight your allergy. Especially vitamin C has to be taken in increased quantities. Be sure to include raw sauerkraut, peppers, tomatoes and grapefruit in your diet.
  • Add a drop of eucalyptus oil to 10 millilitres of cooking oil. Dip in a cotton swab and wet the inside of your nose before going to bed. This catches the mites – and the transmitted diseases.[2]

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