Vegetable oil during pregnancy: for your skin

During pregnancy, every woman confronts herself with a wide variety of worries. One of these concerns is the development of stretch marks. But if you prevent them in time, you can reduce the unattractive appearance on the skin. In the following, herbal products will be presented in order to provide optimal protection against stretch marks during pregnancy.

It should also be mentioned here that your diet and lifestyle are the decisive factors in the fight against stretch marks. Vegetable oils can be the optimal supplement. Synthetic or chemical products should generally not play a role and therefore a strengthening of the connective tissue with vegetable oils is the best recommendation.

Vegetable oil is a good choice for striae gravidarum.

Vitamin-rich nutrition for a strong connective tissue

Some women are just to be envied. At least when it comes to the extremely tight connective tissue, which seems to be immune to orange peel skin and the like.

Women with particularly tight connective tissue rarely have to deal with the unwanted stretch marks during pregnancy.

However, if you have weak connective tissue, you need to take some precautions during pregnancy to prevent unwanted stretch marks.

Your diet not only plays a special role during pregnancy, but also before it.

It is the secret of a strong and vitalizing connective tissue. Especially from the 20th week of pregnancy, when the stomach is growing continuously, the diet should be particularly rich in vital substances, many believe. This is only partially true, because strengthening the connective tissue with the right nutrition is a tedious undertaking that must be considered over time. It is also important that sufficient fluid is constantly absorbed.

Drinking a lot is the motto. Expectant mothers should take care to consume at least 2 litres of water daily, as optimal skin care begins with a regulated moisture balance. [1]

Your skin care should be in the spirit of nature and therefore only natural care creams and vegetable oils are recommended.

Vegetable-based oils

The reason for the unsightly stretch marks that arise during pregnancy refers to the hormonal change and the associated loosening of the connective tissue. In order for the abdominal wall to withstand the enormous elongation process, the skin fibers to be claimed must have a special elasticity.

As already mentioned, you achieve this with a vital substance-rich diet. In order to optimally support the elastic elongation process, the daily use of vegetable skin oil is recommended.[2]

Special plant-based oils should be applied to the skin at least once a day to avoid tearing up the skin fibres. Many manufacturers specialize in the production of vegetable oils and offer their products specifically for the needs of pregnant women. Most of these products were rated “good” or even “very good” by the eco-test. Ratings of this kind are often provided by the excellent properties of effectively preventing pregnancy strips.

It does not matter whether the oil is applied to the abdomen, legs, buttocks or even to the thigh skin, because the special herbal secondary substances provide an external effect at all parts of the body to strengthen the connective tissue.

What are secondary plant compounds?

Secondary plant compounds are chemical compounds that are not produced by plants – not in energy metabolism and not in anabolic and catabolic metabolism. In the field of naturopathy, the secondary plant substances are also called phytamines. Currently, science assumes that 60,000 different secondary plant substances are present in the various foods and can have hormone-like as well as antioxidant effects, which are particularly needed during pregnancy.

This is the reason why you should only use vegetable skin oils or creams. Syntetisch manufactured care products do not bring your organism in the slightest in the harmony and strengthen the connective tissue from the outside in no white. Extracted secondary plant substances, on the other hand, are an excellent supplement to a diet rich in vital substances and can interact to ensure an elastic connective tissue.

Argan oil inj during pregnancy

Argan oil is an extract from the fruits of the argan tree. Also this so precious oil from nature, finds its use as a pressed oil to be applied to the skin, which is particularly characterized by its intense smell and golden color. [3]

The direct effect in a natural way is an excellent support for the prevention and alleviation of stretch marks.

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