Healthy diet during pregnancy: these seeds are good for you

Maca Pullver, Goji Berries and Chia Seeds. Why should you put these foods on your diet plan? How does this delicious food help you get pregnant?

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life. There are dramatic changes in your body, and your mind also has an enormous challenge to overcome – after all, a small being is growing up for which you will be responsible now and in the future. A balanced diet is crucial for the development of the child, for a complication-free pregnancy and for general health. A lack of minerals, trace elements and vitamins in the womb can even be detected in adults.

For millennia, people around the world have been concerned about which food is best suited to promote the health of the child and the mother in this extraordinary phase of life. Is it not obvious to use these invaluable experiences?

For example, expectant mothers in South and Central America swear by maca powder and chia seeds, while in the Far East, women in pregnancy eat Goji berries. This is, of course, the case, and so these natural foods are now also making their contribution to pregnancy in physical and mental health.

Maca – the elixir of life of the Andes

Maca - the elixir of life of the Andes

The resistant food and healing plant Maca from the family of crossflower plants has been cultivated for more than 2000 years in the upper altitudes of the Peruvian Andes. The extreme conditions such as drought, harsh weather and high UV irradiation are also the reason for the rare concentration of nutrients that are so valuable to us humans.

The sweet and pleasant-tasting tuber is eaten raw or boiled – to achieve a longer shelf life, the root is also dried and processed into maca powder. Maca powder can be stirred into hot water or milk and eaten.[2]

Very popular is also the preparation of a macabrice – mixed in pureed fruit or honey, Maca powder tastes particularly delicious.

So what are the properties of this energy bomb? The most well-known is probably the aphrodisiac effect of maca powder. So the best conditions to fulfill the long-cherished desire to have children – Maca powder increases fertility, both in men and women. The minerals, proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates contained provide a real boost of strength, not for nothing is maca powder considered the lifeblood of the Andes.

Especially in pregnancy, the female body needs a high intake of exactly these nutrients, as they are necessary for the build-up of maternal and child tissue.

The trace elements iron, iodine, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, zinc and calcium provide the necessary physical balance in pregnancy. What is good for the body also benefits the health of the mind. Expectant mothers are under particular pressure, as everything has to be done right and to become “perfect”. Excessive and unrealistic expectations nibble on self-confidence, in addition, it is often necessary to reorganize the whole life. Maca powder can give an extra energy boost. It strengthens the condition, has stress relief and even inhibits depression and anxiety.

Maca powder is a natural preparation. Nevertheless, it makes sense to seek advice from a doctor for the right dose and dosage, especially during pregnancy. The “ginseng of the Andes”, as Maca powder is called, gives you the strength you need for a fulfilled pregnancy!

Wolfberry: Benefits to Pregnancy

Goji berries (Wolfberry) are considered the most nutritious fruits in the world and have been appreciated in traditional Chinese medicine for millennia. This nightshade plant belongs to the genus of fenugreek and is mainly widespread in Asia, wherethe the main growing area of the so-called “happy fruit” is located in China. Some types of goji berries are eaten raw or cooked, but mainly the harvested berry is processed into extract, juice or powder.

Goji berries are considered the Chinese superfood par excellence. Due to their enormous nutrient and vital substances density, they have long since ceased to be an insider’s tip in Europe. It is obvious that an abundant supply of vitamins is particularly important in pregnancy. The body is dependent on the absorption of these organic compounds so that vital functions can be maintained – and doubly so. [1]

Goji berries are a true reservoir of these substances, since they contain vitamins A, B, C and E. In addition, it has been proven that goji berries strengthen the immune system and thus the health. The complex carbohydrates contained in the fruits, so-called polysaccharides, activate special immune cells of the body, which in turn fight viruses and other pathogens.

As if that weren’t enough, the miracle berries have some other important properties: Goji berries support the detoxification of the body by accelerating the discharge of metabolic residues. In addition, the Asian fruits have an anti-inflammatory effect, they lower the cholesterol level, support the intestinal flora and thus ensure a good digestion.

For the optimal development of the ingredients you should not take too much or too little of the goji berry extract. An “overdose” is not harmful, but it does not make sense due to the high carbohydrate content. What is certain is that Goji berries are a real stroke of luck for general health during pregnancy!

Chia is good for your baby

Chia is a cereal from the family of labiates and originates from Mexico. The seeds of this plant were already a staple food in the ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures. Chia seeds are either eaten raw or dried, they can also be mixed in water, juice or honey to a porridge and eaten. The processing of Chia seeds into dough is also very popular – it can be used to bake biscuits, bread or cakes. The grain prepared in this way simply tastes good and promotes health.

Chia seeds impress with an extremely high density of nutrients, which are particularly valuable for pregnant women. Proteins and minerals support the body in tissue development, the component calcium promotes bone development. The trace element boron enables the body to better absorb the calcium it contains.

Chia seeds also have an extraordinarily rich content of omega-3 fatty acids, which cannot be produced by the body itself and perform a variety of tasks in the human organism. [3]

These unsaturated fats are essential for the development of the child’s brain and nerve cells, and the intake of sufficient omega-3 fatty acids reduces the risk of premature birth and postpartum depression. Chia seeds are soaked in water and blended into a mush to support the intestinal flora and digestion.

The antioxidants contained in Chia seeds bind acids and toxins and support the removal of these toxic substances from the body. Chia seeds protect against diseases, strengthen the immune system and guarantee the health of mother and child.

Chia seeds are nutritious, produce a long-lasting feeling of satiety and contribute to unrestricted well-being during pregnancy due to their high concentration of valuable substances.

Take away

In our latitudes, maca powder, goji berries and chia seeds are still relatively unknown. Nevertheless, many nutritionists agree that during pregnancy, these nutrient bombs have an extraordinarily positive effect on the health of the mother and the child.

Through them, you achieve a balance between the high demand for vital substances and a rather lower additional energy requirement, so that a disproportionate weight gain can be avoided.

However, you should make sure that the purchased products come only from organic farming – so you avoid the intake of toxins that are harmful to health.

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