Argan oil in pregnancy – Natural relief of stretch marks

Pregnancy itself is a good thing. Especially in the first few months, happiness will prevail when side effects such as nausea and fatigue say goodbye.

But some side effects may make new mothers less happy, including stretch marks. These are usually unavoidable, but women can do many things to control them.

Argainoil can provide useful services here.

Argan oil in pregnancy - Natural relief of stretch marks

What is argan oil?

Argan oil is extracted from the fruits, better the almonds of the Arganie.

It is a very rich oil that is characterized by a high proportion of valuable fatty acids. About 80% of the oil consists of unsaturated fatty acids, primarily oleic and linoleic acids, as well as the coveted phytosterols. Oleic or oleic acid is found in almost all animal and vegetable oils. It is used in many skin care products and soaps.

Oleic acid makes the lipid layer of the skin more permeable to fat-soluble substances and is, so to speak, a trailblazer for other skin care substances.[1]

Linoleic acid stabilises the cell walls and counteracts moisture loss. Phytosterols have a similar effect, as they also carry water into the cells and inhibit inflammatory reactions.

Argan oil is also rich in antioxidants, which delay skin ageing.

In addition, it has a high content of vitamin E, a natural sun protection. Due to its rich ingredients, it is finding more and more connoisseurs in gourmet cuisine.

Argan oil for connective tissue during pregnancy

First of all, a little disillusionment: stretch marks and cellulitis have their reason and unfortunately also their meaning.

If our skin and connective tissue were rigid and firm, they would not withstand the stresses during pregnancy. One or the other dent is therefore pre-programmed and unavoidable. Whether pregnant or not, 80% of all women suffer from severe cellulitis.

Consolation patches: thanks to a good skin care, the appearance of the skin can be significantly improved.

Argan oil can serve well due to its valuable ingredients. The phytosterols described above have a firming effect on the connective tissue. Collagen synthesis is activated, making the skin fibers stronger and firmer.

In addition, phytosterols should have a detoxifying effect. [2] Inflammatory processes in the skin, which, for example, already occur when the fibers are torn and can cause scarring, are alleviated or even stopped.

The increased moisture binding by the linoleic acid ensures a fresh, firm appearance. A light pressure massage also sets blood circulation in motion and enhances the effect. The oil is excellent for the treatment of décolleté and chest, the abdomen and the butt and of course the thighs. As with all skin care products, especially with natural products, care should be taken to the reactions of the skin.

So try the oil carefully for a few days in an inconspicuous place before applying it on a large scale. Stop treatment if the skin is reddening or itching or you show signs of an allergic reaction, such as dizziness, circulatory or breathing problems. If this is not the case, apply the oil daily to achieve an optimal result.

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