What summer pajamas to adopt for my baby?

Baby pajamas are of course the sleep well. Depending on the temperature, in summer, how will baby sleep best? In short-sleeved or long-sleeved bodysuits, with a jiggle, velvet or cotton pajamas? All our tips here, for baby pajamas and newborn outfits for summer!

How to choose suitable pajamas for your baby?

Short-sleeved body or long-sleeved bodysuit?

In winter, baby sleeps with a long-sleeved bodysuit in his underwear under his pajamas. In summer, this outfit may make him sweat.

The rule is simple: if you are too hot to (sup) wear long sleeves, your baby will be the case too! Except for toddlers, infants in the first few months who move little and will always need an extra diaper.

For summer pajamas, prefer the short-sleeved bodysuit. If the temperature reaches 26oC, the short-sleeved bodysuit will even be the only baby pajamas!

Thick or thin sleeping bag?

The sleeping bag, is a baby’s duvet, its very soft sleeping bag that keeps him warm for the night, over his baby pyjamas, without him being able to discover himself.

For the summer sleeping bag, prefer a thin and lightweight sleeping bag, specially designed for summer, once again to prevent baby from sweating. It will be ideal when the temperature in the room is 19-20°C. Some sleeping bags even have removable sleeves, to adapt to baby’s needs.

On the other hand, when the temperature is around 24°C, there is no need for a sleeping bag, let baby sleep only in his summer pyjamas.

Velvet or cotton pyjamas?

If the temperature in the room is below 26°C, use baby pyjamas to sleep! Yes, but which one? Here too, it’s all about temperature. The soft, supple and comfortable velvet sleep will be perfect if it is between 19 and 20°C.

You can also choose a two-piece velvet pyjama to combine, for example, with a long-sleeved bodysuit if you want a warmer top.

From 21°C, prefer cotton pyjamas: always a romper that covers his arms and toes, but lighter than velvet pyjamas! At 24°C, think of the rompers, these short baby pyjamas, which are not yet bodies!

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