Dietary guidelines for different restaurants during pregnancy

As a pregnant woman, the things you think most about every day are “what to eat” and “what not to eat.”

Sashimi, alcohol, some seafood … there are too many things pregnant women need to pay attention to. Why is it so painful? You don’t have to do this!

Diet is the best way to control the growth of abdominal fat.

In fact, pregnant women should closely monitor their diet during pregnancy to prevent and avoid all risks of toxoplasmosis.

Toxoplasmosis can infect fetuses, listeria (which may have a serious impact on future mothers and infants) or salmonella, which can lead to acute gastroenteritis.

So, yes, of course, we must be careful, but there is no doubt that all these deprive us of small pleasures in life, such as going to a restaurant for a romantic dinner, having dinner with friends or having lunch with parents.

You don’t need to look at the restaurant menu several times in the morning or at night, check your plate carefully, or brainstorm to decide what to eat, because you have many choices.

Restaurant meals for pregnant women

Different countries, different diets, as pregnant women, you can refer to these guidelines:

Notice to Asian food lovers

The Japanese restaurant is not to be forgotten. On the contrary, sushi and sashimi made from raw fish are exchanged for rolls of tuna, shrimp or cooked salmon, well-cooked skewers and vegetables, rice and of course soups. In the Chinese restaurant, you can also choose rice, vegetables, but also fried noodles and fruit.

Foods to be banned are sweet soy sauce (to avoid blood sugar peaks), dishes in sauce and fried foods (difficult to digest).

Fast food is okay

Enjoy yourself from time to time by eating French fries, processed cheese, sauces (mayonnaise and ketchup), cakes and drinking sodas, it’s possible.

The goal is not to deprive oneself. Nevertheless, fatty foods should be handled gently because they are difficult to digest. Pizza lovers will have to be careful with toppings, especially cheeses and deli meats.

Vegetables, as a garnish, are of course welcome.

At the Syrian, Lebanese or Jordanian restaurant

Once again, we look at grilled meats and fish. On the other hand, we forget mezzés (made from cheese or meat) and tabbouleh (made from raw vegetables). Hummus, made of chickpea purée, is to be consumed, certainly, but in moderation.

Italian Diet for Pregnant Women

In Italian, we can afford, once in a while, Milanese escalopes or cheese pizzas, but we still have to go easy on ourselves because these dishes are hard to digest.

As for the tiramisu, composed of eggs, it will have to be ignored.

Other dietary considerations

In the cafeteria or office canteen, people remain vigilant about cooking meat and fish.

In so-called “healthy” restaurants, such as salad bars, indulge yourself with soups, quiches and vegetable pies. Smoked salmon, fresh herbal dishes and salads, on the other hand, should be avoided to avoid any soil residue, especially if you do not know how they have been cleaned.

As far as drinking is concerned, alcohol is obviously avoided, which should be avoided throughout pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Instead, we opt for still water. As for coffee and tea, they are not prohibited. It should simply be consumed in moderation because it stimulates the nervous system of the pregnant woman and the fetus.

As for herbal teas, caution should also be exercised. Herbal remedies can interfere with the proper course of pregnancy. On the other hand, ginger, which has an anti-nausea effect, and raspberry leaf infusion, which tones the uterus, are recommended.

Food that must never be eaten

I’m sorry, there are some foods that must be avoided. If you eat these foods during pregnancy, it may lead to very serious consequences.

Raw egg

Eating raw eggs increases the risk of salmonella or toxoplasma gondii. If infected with these diseases, your unborn child may have serious health problems.


After every meal, fried dessert is always the best. However, pregnant women should avoid trans fat, which will increase the cholesterol level in blood.

This is unhealthy because you will gain an unhealthy weight.

Raw bean sprouts

Do you also like to add clover, beans, broccoli or radish sprouts to your meal? This healthy combination has no negative impact, right?

But for pregnant women, this is a big problem. Even fruits and vegetables, bacteria can enter bean sprouts through cracks.

Because bean sprouts are usually not cooked, bacteria can enter your body.

Energy drinks, supplements

Facts have proved that excessive consumption of energy drinks and other supplements is harmful to the body. This means that these “natural” energy enhancers are not suitable for pregnant women.

Avoid drinking any supplements or energy enhancers, such as ginseng, guarana, Paraguay tea and other extracts.

If you think you need some supplements, you can consult professional medical personnel.

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