In Germany, hangovers are recognised as a disease

According to a report on the 23rd from Reuters, Germany, the Frankfurt court recently officially defined “hangover” as a human disease.

This means that if Frankfurt office workers who drank too much the night before want to take sick leave on the grounds of “hangover”, their claim is completely legal.

Hangover is defined as a disease

It is reported that Frankfurt court made the decision when hearing a case of “anti-hangover” drinks. The company that produced the drink was accused of illegally promoting its hangover treatment.

In the judgment, the court prohibited the company from “mentioning any effect that can prevent, alleviate and treat any human disease and make people have relevant impression” in the advertisement.

The court explained that hangover is also a human disease because disease can be defined as “even minor and temporary interference with the normal state and function of the human body”.

The court added that although the symptoms of fatigue, nausea and headache were caused by the patient himself, it was still a disease. And these symptoms usually disappear on their own without medical treatment.

For the Germans, the verdict can be very good news, because the annual Oktoberfest has just begun on September 22.

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