Female farts stink more? Learn the cold knowledge of fart!

It often gets awkward when you fart in public. Neither the sound nor the smell of fart is acceptable, even though we do it over and over again every day.

India even recently launched a contest to change the public’s perception that farting is unseemly. B: well… Wish you success!

Others have heard that women’s farts smell worse than men’s. Is it true? We have more cold facts about farts.

When the air escapes, it usually becomes embarrassing. This refers to flatulence, colloquially called pups or farts

What is a fart?

The whole thing is a completely natural and healthy part of your digestion. The bowel wind is 25 percent just swallowed air that has been wandering through your body.

The remaining 75 percent are formed in various digestive processes, for example by the decomposition of fiber.

Why are farts stinking?

More than 99 percent of a fart’s ingredients are odorless. These include nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane. The stinking part is the remaining one percent of tiny traces of gases.

The smell is composed of substances that depend on your diet and your intestinal bacteria.

Smelly fart often has no sound

Complex carbohydrates, in particular molecules called oligosaccharides, are a real stoker for farts.

The farts with the most pungent odor are produced by the decomposition of amino acids found in foods such as beans, cheese and meat.

The resulting fart is usually quiet, but the smell is all the more intense.

The strongest fart trigger is the Jerusalem artichoke tuber. Because of the high content of a carbohydrate called inulin. For its decomposition there are not in the small intestine the correct enzymes, so that the plant stirs the stomach in such a way that particularly bad smelling intestine winds are released.

In lower doses, this inulin is also found in wheat, bananas, onions and asparagus.

More fart facts

  • A healthy digestive system produces between 0.5 and 2.5 litres of gas daily
  • An average person escapes intestinal winds about ten to 15 times a day.
  • In men, the part of digestion that takes place in the large intestine takes an average of 33 hours. For women, it’s 47 hours.
  • The fart first appeared in the Duden in 1908.
  • A pup consists of 25 percent simply swallowed air that once wandered through the body. By the way, 75 percent are formed by various digestive processes.
  • Birds and goldfish do not pupate. But elephants, goats, cows, kangaroos, termites or herrings, as well as humans, let off fragrant intestinal winds.

Women’s farts stink worse

Did you know that ladies’ pussies smell much more severe than men’s?

Reason: They contain a 200 percent higher concentration and 90 percent greater mass of smelly hydrogen sulfide. In addition, there is a 20 percent higher methanethiol concentration.

This means: women’s farts burn better!

In contrast, men clearly outnumber women in terms of “average size.” The gentlemen escapes 118 milliliters of gas, the women only 89 milliliters.

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