Baby bath: 4 essential accessories and safety tips

Having a baby is the happiest thing, it makes your family warmer. But bathing your baby can be a headache, especially when you’re a new mother. In today’s article, we offer useful tips for bathing your baby, such as bath accessories.

we offer useful tips for bathing your baby, such as bath accessories.

Babies need special care and hygiene to stay healthy. For this reason, there are various accessories available on the market for your baby’s bath time. In this way, bathing your baby is a safe and effective process.

Accessories for your baby’s bath time

The hygiene and care of your baby, as well as the right diet, are the factors that most affect your baby’s overall health. Here are some tips for new parents to ensure the baby’s safety while bathing.

Although your pediatrician usually provides a complete list of hygiene items that babies need, you may be surprised at the beginning of how fragile your baby appears in the first few months.

It’s also normal that you’re afraid to put your baby in the bathtub when it’s winding and moving all the time.

That’s why we want to take away the worries you’re likely to have when you’re thinking about bathing your baby. Below is a list of the accessories you need for your baby’s bath time. They are not only safe but also user-friendly!

Accessories for your baby’s bath time: The bathtub

A baby bath is probably the most recommended accessory when it comes to bathing newborns and babies up to the age of about 6 or 8 months. Simply place the baby bath in your normal bathtub or on the platform of your changing table.

Then you can put your baby in a comfortable position and hold it to bathe it safely. So you don’t have to worry about your baby choking on the water or slipping into the water.

The most important thing when choosing a baby bath is that the structure is stable. Also, make sure that hygienic materials are used. For example, polypropylene is non-slip and all edges are curved.

Accessories for your baby’s bath time: washing bottle or – tub

These are important to ensure that your child is thoroughly washed. They can also be used to remove soap or shampoo residue from your baby’s head and face.

Choose a product with a non-slip handle to avoid accidents when watering your baby. Also, make sure that the wash bottles are not made of glass so that they do not break and injure your baby.

Towels to dry your baby after bathing

Of course, you will also need towels and bath towels for your baby’s bath time. It is important that you use towels specially designed for babies.

Also, make sure they are hypoallergenic. Also, wash them after 2 applications with a special detergent for baby clothes.

Bath mats

Another accessory you can use for your baby’s bath time is a bath mat in the tub. This way you prevent your baby from slipping. You can also place a bath mat under the already mentioned seat to make it even more stable. If you don’t have bath mats, you can also use towels instead.

Bathtub seat

The bathtub seat resembles a potty, but it is only recommended for babies over 8 months. The seat is also used in a normal bathtub and is held in place by suction cups on the bottom of the bathtub.

The seat has leg holes, so you have more freedom than with the plastic tub because your baby isn’t as fragile anymore.

Babies bathe: General recommendations

Remember that the best way to wash your baby’s clothes is with special baby detergent. Do not use fabric softeners and wash your baby’s clothes carefully and separately.

This way you can be sure that your baby will not have any skin reactions as it will not come into contact with chemicals from other detergents.

Also, you should not wash your baby with soap for the first few days. Experts recommend using only water. You should also only use a small amount of water and make sure that the pH value of bath products is 4.

In addition, you should not bathe your baby for more than twice a week. It is best to keep your baby’s bathing time very short and be very careful with the umbilical cord. Finally, be careful to dry your baby properly and dab it dry instead of rubbing it. In this way, you prevent irritation of the sensitive baby skin.

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