How to Choose Sunglasses Good for Eyes

Glasses are more than just a decoration. When choosing sunglasses, we should find ways to choose glasses that are good for eyes, which requires you to learn some basic knowledge.

Sunglasses are used to protect eyes, not to treat vision. When outdoors, choosing suitable sunglasses can help you protect your eyes.

Next we will take you to know about the selection of sunglasses.

When choosing sunglasses, we should find ways to choose glasses that are good for our eyes.
When choosing sunglasses, we should find ways to choose glasses that are good for our eyes.

Prevent UV damage

If your eyes are exposed to ultraviolet rays for a period of time, it will not only damage the eyelid surface.

There are also potential damages in your eyes, such as cornea, lens and retina. Even ultraviolet rays are believed to be the cause of cataract and macular degeneration[1].

The cornea of the eye is directly exposed to ultraviolet rays, which may even lead to cataract. This is a corneal inflammation that can cause tingling and swelling in the eye area.

How does ultraviolet light enter the retina? This happens when you are exposed to the sun without any shade.

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Choose sunglasses

In order to prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging our eyes, glasses need to have several conditions when protecting our eyes, which requires appropriate shapes and lens materials.

In short, good glasses must be able to block ultraviolet rays from entering.

Sunglasses with large frame

Therefore, glasses should have a large circular frame that can cover our eyes and their surroundings.

This is necessary because light can enter from the side of the eye, while ordinary narrow frames cannot protect the eye.

Ultraviolet-blocking lens

Glasses that are good for protecting eyes are those whose lenses can block at least 75% of incident light.

Eye health experts believe that lenses capable of blocking 100% ultraviolet rays are really worth recommending.

Look for dark lenses

Look for lenses with uniform or darker colors.

During the test, hold the glasses with arms straight forward. Look straight into the distance through glasses. When the glasses move slowly in the horizontal direction, if the object looks bent and twisted, this means that the lens is unqualified.

But it is also necessary to remember that dark lenses do not mean they can resist ultraviolet rays.

If you want to buy a good pair of sunglasses, you’d better consult an ophthalmologist first.

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Choose different types of sunglasses

In addition to the function of protecting eyes from ultraviolet radiation, several different types of sunglasses must be considered. Some sunglasses have their additional functions.

Glasses with polarized lenses

Sunglasses with polarized lenses have a function of reducing glare caused by reflected light when irradiating the surface of water or snow.

This type of glasses is very useful for people who drive during the day or like fishing.

Polycarbonate lens

If you are a fan of extreme sports, you need glasses made of polycarbonate.

Glasses equipped with such lenses are suitable for those who need to protect their eyes during exercise.

Blocking Blue Glasses

Embedding a lens that can block blue is very useful for viewing distant objects in snow or objects blocked by fog.

Hunters, sailors, pilots and people who like skiing usually wear this type of glasses.

Eyes with adaptive lenses

Some lenses can be adjusted according to the exposure.

When exposed to a large amount of light, the lens will darken. On the contrary. At night, when there is no sunshine, the lens will become brighter.

However, this change did not happen suddenly. Adjust the brightness of the lens to suit the exposure time.

Remember, even the best glasses cannot protect the wearer from too bright light and strong intensity.

Therefore, those jobs exposed to strong light, such as welding, must be properly protected.

When watching direct sunlight, such as solar eclipse, we also need to protect our eyes.

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