Detox drinks: experts reveal the truth

In recent years, detox drinks and fruit juices have become very popular. Are these really magical detox drinks? Do they really have as many health effects as they say? Read the following story to find out the truth recently revealed by the expert.

Detox drink: a complete guide to helping you lose weight and become healthier

Detox drinks are not healthy

In order to have a perfect figure, many women adopt a strict diet, regular exercise rules and some strange practices. 

Although experts always recommend a balanced, slow-paced diet to lose weight healthily, many women turn to quick solutions, some of them experimenting with so-called “detox juice.” 

Experts have recently found that: if you use this drink to lose weight and detox, it may be unhealthy. 

Many women drink a lot of detox drinks in order to lose weight by reducing their intake of meat and vegetarianism. Like some kind of juice. 

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Does this really work? No, on the contrary, these detox drinks have little carbon water and protein you need, which can prevent your muscles from getting enough nutrition and put you in an unhealthy state. 

In addition, fruit juice is not completely healthy, if you drink too much detox juice, which may lead to too much sugar intake

Not only will you suffer from these injuries, detox drinks may also cause the following symptoms:

  • If your physical quality is average, you may become weak or even faint due to the lack of basic nutrition.
  • Due to the rapid change of sugar level in your body, your mood fluctuates greatly.

Experts suggest staying away from the so-called “detoxification drink” and making healthy decisions instead of believing in the so-called “myth of rapid thinning.”

Avoiding the following foods is better than detoxifying beverages:

  • Sugar-rich food
  • Fried food
  • Food processors and cans

All these should be replaced by fruits, vegetables, protein-rich foods and whole grains.

Detox Juice Coexists with Health

Although detoxifying beverages will not do you too much harm-they are even rich in certain vitamins and minerals to some extent. But you shouldn’t take it as your only choice to lose weight.

As mentioned earlier, weight loss is a long-term plan. You should exercise in a planned way and eat healthily.

However, if you are a lover of detoxification juice, you cannot avoid them completely, and you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Buy fruit and make your own detoxification juice. Processing juice is not your choice.
  • Use vegetables with bright colors, rich nutrition and no harmful sugar, such as carrots, spinach and beets.
  • If your goal of detoxifying juice is to lose weight, you should avoid high calorie fruits such as avocado and coconut juice.

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Experts also advise the following people to completely avoid drinking detoxification juice: type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and high cholesterol.

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