How to lose weight healthily by eating tuna?

Tuna is an indispensable food if you want to lose weight healthily. It is rich in protein and nutrients, and has a small number of calories.Eating tuna can help you lose weight. Next you need to understand why.

Tuna is a perfect food to lose weight. In addition, it also has many health effects:

  • Heart health
  • Eye care
  • Enhance immune system
  • anticancer
  • Reduce inflammation

As we all know, fish is the healthiest meat, and there is no need to question it.

Compared with red meat and chicken, eating tuna meat helps you maintain a better health and is more conducive to weight loss.

Tuna is not only nutritious, but also a reliable diet food.
Tuna is not only nutritious, but also a reliable diet food.

Can tuna help you lose weight?

Tuna is low in calories and fat, but it contains beneficial nutrients such as protein.

Compared with cow ribs (518kcal per 100g), tuna has 106kcal per 100g, which is a huge difference!

Omega-3 fatty acids found in this fish stimulate a hormone called leptin, which can balance the body’s food intake and internal appetite.

This can reduce overeating and ensure that your body only consumes what it actually needs.

It should be noted that some canned tuna may contain high calories because of different additives.

When you buy canned tuna, check the nutrition label carefully.

If you keep fit while losing weight, tuna will have a greater effect on you!

Healthy weight loss

Why do you say tuna can help you lose weight healthily?

Unlike ordinary meat, tuna contains other nutrients you need to lose weight, not just low calories.

If you want to lose weight, nutrition balance is very important. All you know is that diet and low calorie will only make you unhealthy.

Tuna helps you lose weight healthily:

1. Protein

If you are losing weight with exercise, then you need enough protein. If you run out of protein, your muscles will decrease and your basic metabolism will decline, so pay attention to it in your diet!

Tuna is rich in high-quality protein, which will be beneficial to your muscle recovery. Just imagine, if your muscles ache the next day after exercise, can you keep fit?

2. Iron

Do you think your body often feels tired? It is possible that your body lacks iron.

Iron is a mineral that transports oxygen. If there is a lack of oxygen, anemia and other symptoms are likely to occur. It is also because cells cannot obtain enough oxygen, which leads to tiredness of the body and poor exercise effect. Of course, the weight loss effect is also poor.

People need at least 10-15 milligrams of iron a day. You can eat tuna to supplement it, but this is not the main source. Other meat, spinach, oysters, soybeans, mussels and so on all contain iron.

3. Taurine

Almost every sports drink you drink contains taurine. Tuna also contains taurine!

The research results of taurine and energy metabolism prove that taurine can control lipid and cholesterol, promote decomposition and emulsification of fat, accelerate fat consumption, reduce body fat, and is suitable for people who exercise muscles or lose weight.

4. Vitamins

Vitamins contained in tuna have effects on fatigue recovery, blood promotion and metabolism.

5. Omega 3 Helps Reduce Abdominal Perimeter

The omega 3 content of tuna (0.36g per 100g) reduces the concentration of triglyceride and “bad” cholesterol in blood, counteracts the accumulation of soft fat, and promotes weight loss, especially in abdomen.

There is no special difference between the nutritional value of natural canned tuna and that of fresh canned tuna. However, the caloric content of canned tuna may be higher due to changes in caloric content.

Try to choose canned tuna with low calorie!

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Better Tuna Diet

If you want to lose weight through tuna, you’d better choose sashimi instead of canned tuna.

If you have to eat canned tuna, remember to check the nutrition label before you buy it. In addition, we provide a few dietary tips for tuna, which will help you better absorb and utilize this delicious fish:


The combination of tuna and avocado is effective, avocado supplements the nutrition that tuna often lacks!


Tuna and yam dumplings are very popular recipes, especially in Asian countries.

The nutritional ingredients contained in yam help to absorb tuna protein.

Tuna sushi

Under the condition of ensuring hygiene, tuna sushi is a delicious food that cannot be missed!

The biggest advantage of tuna sushi is that you can add your favorite foods at will, wrap them in rice and match them to your heart’s content!


Tuna is a very suitable fish for weight loss. If you eat canned tuna, you need to refer to the nutrition label.

Many nutrients in tuna are beneficial to healthy weight loss. It can help you keep healthy while losing weight.

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