Chocolate in periods: Reason for having to eat!

When it comes to chocolate, you always think of happiness, don’t you? So, what are the health benefits of chocolate during your periods?

If you can eat chocolate during your menstrual period, that would be great. As we all know, chocolate can improve your mood and make you happy.

How good is chocolate for menstruating women? Let’s discuss it!

You should eat chocolate during your menstrual period, it is your reliable ally!
You should eat chocolate during your menstrual period, it is your reliable ally!

Why is chocolate suitable for periods

As we all know, recent studies have also shown various theories that dark chocolate (high cocoa content) can improve mood, limit premenstrual syndrome, promote and improve sexual behavior, and reduce headache.

Especially before menstruation, this effect is especially obvious.

Therefore, chocolate can become a real ally of women and relieve the symptoms and obstacles associated with it. But why?

In the first few days of the menstrual cycle, the balance of women’s bodies has changed, and the secretion of body hormones has changed greatly: the liver bears a huge workload, which makes women feel a sense of fatigue.

In addition to common physical pain, such as swelling, headache, muscle pain, breast tension, acne and appetite changes, women also experienced a real mental torture.

You will become irritable, nervous, sensitive, impatient with anything and easily sad.

Epidemiological studies show that regular consumption of foods and beverages rich in vitamins and polyphenols, especially flavonoids, is beneficial to women during menstruation.

According to a study, women during menstruation have a higher craving for chocolate. Scientists believe that this desire is not unreasonable-it represents the body’s desire for health-whether physical or mental.

As you may have guessed, cocoa beans contain high levels of polyphenols.

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Chocolate Helps You Stop Pain

Due to the sharp decline in progesterone and estrogen levels, neuron levels change in the hours before menstruation, turning into mood swings and irritability.

Taking chocolate before and during the menstrual cycle can stimulate some areas of the brain responsible for producing endorphins.

These substances can relieve anxiety and pain, because they have analgesic effect, and they also participate in depression and stress processes.

Eating chocolate before menstruation can help you relieve pain.

Magnesium and Iron in Chocolate

In the first few days of the menstrual cycle, the demand for magnesium and vitamin B has increased a lot, so the body looks for help by eating foods rich in magnesium and vitamin B.

With the loss of blood, a large amount of iron is lost, which should be supplemented by food.

One of the main functions of magnesium is to provide oxygen for muscles, but it also has the properties of muscle relaxant and nerve stabilization. Therefore, magnesium is a good mineral for treating premenstrual syndrome.

Many periodic headaches are caused by magnesium deficiency and fatigue due to iron deficiency.

Dark chocolate is rich in magnesium and iron, which is why your body is so eager for this sweet food!

Every 100g of dark chocolate contains 8mg of iron and 146mg of magnesium. They are your right-hand man!

In addition, don’t just eat chocolate, they contain too much sugar. Other foods rich in magnesium include spinach, dried fruits, beans, brown rice, avocados and bananas.

Chocolate in periods : Stop your pain and relax your mood
Chocolate in periods : Stop your pain and relax your mood

Chocolate Makes Period Easier

There are several factors that will make women eat more and often sweet food. When menstruation starts, progesterone and estrogen levels drop significantly, which increases appetite.

In addition, serotonin levels decrease and cortisol hormone is released as pressure increases.

All these will lead you to want to eat sweet things, especially delicious chocolate.

By eating this dessert, the body releases endorphins that can bring happiness. In addition, this kind of food contains high content of magnesium, which promotes the production of dopamine.

Another reason is that cocoa beans (the raw material of chocolate) contain polyphenols, which increase calm and provide satisfaction.

In addition, chocolate is a good psychological placebo, and many people feel very satisfied after eating chocolate.

Chocolate in periods: Summary

Eating chocolate during menstruation can supplement magnesium and iron, which is a good supplement for women during menstruation.

Chocolate can reduce pain and make you more relaxed through its effect on dopamine.

Please note that we are referring to dark chocolate, and chocolate added with other ingredients may not be applicable.

If you eat chocolate, you’d better not drink milk immediately, which may offset its benefits.

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