What is rehabilitation? Does it necessarily mean disease?

What is rehabilitation? It sounds like a test topic.

Indeed, this is also a very basic examination topic for people studying rehabilitation. The definition of rehabilitation should be described in standard and precise language.

It is meaningless to write definitions here. Even if we copy professional terms here, it is still a crude and difficult professional knowledge for most people.

Just like explaining wormholes to you in professional terms, he needs to use many physical and mathematical formulas. I think you will fall asleep halfway through my explanation.

But it doesn’t matter. We can still use some simple examples to help you understand the definition of rehabilitation.

Whether it is due to illness or other reasons, you may have come into contact with the word "rehabilitation".
Whether it is due to illness or other reasons, you may have come into contact with the word “rehabilitation”.

What we call “rehabilitation”

If a Chinese is unfortunately hospitalized, the visitor will say to him, “I hope you will recover soon.”

Well, although the word “Rehabilitate” is not used, wishing a sick person recovery is a word almost every Chinese will say.

So, does this rehabilitation refer to the recovery from illness to a healthy state?

No matter which country or language you use, it is common to wish a sick person an early recovery.

From this perspective, it can be basically understood as follows: the “rehabilitation” in our mouth is to hope a person can recover from illness or unhealthy state.

Of course, this is our common understanding, it looks like this, unprofessional, but there is nothing wrong.

Rehabilitation in Medicine

However, this is a scientific world, so we still need to know what rehabilitation is in some medicine-of course, I will try my best to make it easy to understand.

According to the most authoritative encyclopedia in China, rehabilitation is to restore a person to a normal state in many aspects such as spirit and body as soon as possible and to the greatest extent possible in a comprehensive way.

How do you understand? There are several key points:

  • Comprehensive rehabilitation methods: medical treatment, education, society, etc
  • Purpose of rehabilitation: maximum possible and fastest
  • Objectives of rehabilitation: physical, mental, social and economic abilities

Rehabilitation is not only aimed at the disease, but also focuses on the whole person and carries out comprehensive rehabilitation in terms of physical, psychological, social and economic capabilities.

In short, the purpose of rehabilitation is to restore you to a normal state in all aspects.

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Rehabilitation is around us

However, this does not mean that you have to be sick to get in touch with the word rehabilitation.

In fact, rehabilitation is all around us, taking place anytime and anywhere. In many cases, it has even formed an instinct.

At the moment, perhaps we have been sitting in front of the computer for a long time and already feel some waist soreness and back pain, so we will unconsciously stretch our body to relieve the uncomfortable feeling to a certain extent.

Or you can rub your neck, turn around and touch the wrist of the mouse all the time.

Such involuntary movements are actually “rehabilitation exercises” or simple “rehabilitation treatments” for ourselves.

Our involuntary actions are to change body posture, change body center of gravity and force line, adjust the stressed parts, stretch spine, draw thoracic and abdominal tissues, contract waist and back muscles at the same time, relieve imbalance of stress on tissues around spine, adjust muscle tension, etc.

Of course, this is just a general comment. We have no way to make a concrete analysis of every move you make, but one thing is certain:

We do these actions-intentionally or unintentionally-to help ourselves to recover from bad state to best state.

From this small example, we can know that rehabilitation is not only used after injury, but is closely related to us. Sometimes you do not even know that you are doing “rehabilitation actions” for yourself.

Rehabilitation organization

When we know the above information, we can further contact with a profession (or service) related to rehabilitation: rehabilitation institutions.

As the name implies, rehabilitation institutions use medical treatment combined with various methods of practice to speed up the recovery of injuries.

In this peaceful era, the target of rehabilitation service is mainly affected people with various sports injuries, traffic and other accidental injuries, and various chronic diseases.

At present, rehabilitation institutions are very mature in many countries. They can help you recover quickly from some diseases-both physically and otherwise.

Rehabilitation agencies are not mysterious either. In fact, many people are using some methods of rehabilitation agencies to help themselves:

  • Wear knee and wrist pads during exercise;
  • Inflatable air cushion for shock absorption in sports shoes;
  • Bandages for spraining hands, feet and wrists;
  • Self-massage in case of muscle soreness …

Some seem to prevent some accidents, but strictly speaking, they also fall within the scope of rehabilitation projects.

The advantage of rehabilitation institutions is that they are more professional and have a mature process. Compared with their own rehabilitation, rehabilitation institutions can help you save a lot of time and reduce accidents.

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Do you need “rehabilitation”?

Even though we have made it clear, the feeling is that rehabilitation is always associated with injury and disability.

Indeed, in some authoritative books, the definition of rehabilitation medicine is linked to disease.

It seems that disability is mentioned in every sentence, which may make us feel uncomfortable. I hope we can try not to come into contact with the word “rehabilitation”.

However, from a medical point of view, each of us is disabled-both mentally and physically-and you don’t need to feel inferior or afraid.

Whether you are under pressure from work or have aching back and waist, you need “rehabilitation”.

In this way, we can face the word rehabilitation relatively calmly, and we will not feel that rehabilitation has nothing to do with ourselves.

Everyone has had major or minor diseases, physical or psychological discomfort, and has been disabled for a period of time due to various functional obstacles.

Therefore, rehabilitation is not a frightening word or a mysterious thing. It just helps us to become better.

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