7 Strongest anti-fatigue food recommended by nutritionists

Whether in the afternoon or at night, it always makes you sleepy, doesn’t it?

Besides coffee, many foods can help you resist fatigue-after all, you will get bored with drinking coffee all the time, right?

Even if you are not tired of coffee, the side effects of caffeine can make you less happy: migraine, stomach discomfort, muscle tremor, etc. (according to Mayo Clinic).

Keep in mind the following seven strongest ingredients proposed by many well-known nutritionists abroad, so that your dining table can become the strongest supply station for the whole family.

Matcha tea will soon be used as a nutritious food to help you resist fatigue!
Matcha tea will soon be used as a nutritious food to help you resist fatigue!


Frances Rajman-Rose, a well-known nutritionist in the United States, believes that matcha tea will soon become a nutritious food and will become popular in Europe and America.

Dry the tea and then grind it into powder. This special method makes its antioxidant polyphenol 137 times more than green tea.

Moreover, caffeine is half that of ordinary coffee, and is especially recommended for people who are prone to fatigue and want to sleep in the afternoon, but can’t sleep at night after taking too much caffeine.

However, it should be noted that be careful not to take too much sugar, and try to choose matcha tea with no sugar or reduced sugar to drink.

A matcha drink that contains a lot of sugar may not be a healthy choice. Keep your mouth under control!

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It is easy to feel depressed and tired towards evening or when the weather is dark, but you may not notice it.

Therefore, the timely supplement of serotonin, that is, the promotion of “happiness hormone”, when eaten together with unrefined carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole wheat and oats, can promote the secretion of insulin, help the transmission of tryptophan, and produce better serotonin for the body.

When you feel tired, a banana is a good choice. It can help you replenish energy and make you energetic!


Blueberries contain a large amount of anthocyanins and also contain more antioxidant substances than other fruits.

British nutritionist Getalob believes that antioxidant substances can repair the harmful effects of free radicals and other harmful substances on the human body, relieve eye fatigue, protect the health of urinary organs and maintain strong physical strength.

Green bell pepper

Vitamin C can strengthen immunity and relieve fatigue. Generally, we may think that citrus has high vitamin C content, but green sweet pepper has 3 times as much vitamin C as citrus.

In particular, red sweet pepper contains more β -carotene and phytochemicals and has stronger antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.


Well-known British writer and nutritionist Marilyn Glenville said cinnamon contains more antioxidant substances than all spices and herbs, which can improve immune function, warm intestines and stomach and help digestion.

Other studies have pointed out that cinnamon can inhibit up to 90% of microvascular leakage.

Eating 0.6g cinnamon a day can activate microvessels and make them younger.

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Mushrooms can protect human body from bacteria and germs. Common mushrooms in the market are rich in vitamin B, vitamin D, protein and iron.

In addition, nutrition expert Getalob suggested that if the nutrients contained in the largest amount of mushrooms are to be absorbed, they must be heated and cooked well, otherwise the cell walls of mushrooms will be difficult to digest.

Fish with good fat

Well-known British nutritionist Marilyn Glenville suggested eating herring, salmon, mackerel, etc. rich in Omega-3 fatty acids three times a week.

According to research, the lack of omage-3 may be related to chronic fatigue syndrome, and the lack of omage-3 fatty acid may also lead to anxiety, inflammation and other health conditions.

Lack of vitamin B is easy to fatigue

As we all know, iron deficiency is easy to fatigue. In addition to iron deficiency, there is another reason for fatigue, which is the deficiency of vitamin B group.

Iron element is the foundation of physical strength, in fact vitamin B group will also affect the body from different levels. Therefore, please regard vitamin B group as the key nutrient for energy supplement.

Because to convert carbohydrate, protein and fat into energy, vitamin B group is indispensable.

Assuming that the three major nutrients are gasoline, vitamin B group is the key to the car. Without vitamin B, the car’s engine would not start.

Since it is called “group” of vitamin B, it means that vitamin B is divided into eight categories, namely B1, B2 and folic acid. Each has the function of converting different nutrients into energy.

Especially related to fatigue is vitamin B1, which converts sugar into energy.

Lack of vitamin B1, intake of sugar will become a fatigue substance, unable to convert into energy, fatigue will become more and more strong.

The average person is prone to vitamin B1 deficiency, especially the deficiency rate of working women is as high as 95%.

In addition, the eight vitamin B groups complement each other, and the overall effect will deteriorate if any one is lacking.

In other words, taking all vitamin B groups is the most effective. Foods rich in vitamin B group mainly include shellfish, pork, germ rice, brown rice, etc.

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