6 Wrong Exercise Methods Accelerate Aging

Active exercise is very beneficial to health, but only by mastering the correct way can it be effective, and incorrect ways can accelerate the aging of the human body. Let’s see which methods are good for exercising.

Error 1: overtraining

Although it is admirable to arrange the exercise schedule full, rest is still necessary.

According to some reliable studies, facial exercise may reduce your wrinkles and make you look climacteric, but this is only limited to appropriate exercise.

Long time, vigorous exercise and lack of sleep will increase the cortisol content in blood, causing blood sugar to rise.

The combination of these sugars and collagen fibers will lead to decreased skin elasticity, long spots and premature wrinkles.

No matter how enthusiastic you are about exercise, you should rest at least one day a week.

Error 2: wrong exercise posture

Bad posture can damage the spine and make you permanently hunched.

In order to avoid bad posture and wrong exercise posture, you need to exercise under the guidance of professional coaches, who can calibrate the deviation positions of various parts of your body.

Yoga, Pilates or ballet exercises can also correct posture disorders.

Error 3: Aerobic Exercise Only

Although many people insist on exercising, they only do aerobic exercise.

In fact, strength training can help you continue to burn calories when you are not exercising, and it can also help maintain muscle weight and make people look young.

According to research, endurance exercise training has many positive effects on health, including improving metabolism, reducing cardiovascular risks and reducing all-cause and cardiovascular mortality.

On the contrary, if you often insist on aerobic exercise in an environment with poor air quality, it may be harmful.

Error 4: Neglecting Pelvic Floor Muscle

When you exercise, the pelvic floor muscle may not be the first muscle you think of, but it is very important.

Neglecting pelvic floor muscles can lead to abdominal obesity and urinary incontinence in women entering middle age.

In order to keep the pelvic floor muscles tight, you can do Kegel exercise (levator ani exercise) 3 times a day, 3 groups each time, 10 times in each group.

Error 5: Ignore High Intensity Intermittent Exercise

High intensity intermittent exercise is very effective in resisting aging.

A study in the Journal of Cell Metabolism shows that the mitochondrial performance of the elderly who engage in high-intensity intermittent exercise has improved by 69%, which helps to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk of diabetes.

Therefore, it is necessary to engage in high-intensity intermittent exercise three times a week.

Error 6: Never decompress

Practice yoga and martial arts can help keep skin tender and shiny. You can also try meditation to relieve stress and anxiety.

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Exercise works only three times a week

Exercise at least 3 times a week to enjoy the benefits of exercise. Exercise once or twice a week will not bring lasting health benefits.

Sean, a sports scientist at Rutgers University in the United States, believes that there should be at least 3 days of planned exercise per week. Studies have shown that sedentary sitting can offset the benefits of any exercise. So, move quickly.

Lifting iron is an effective way to build muscles. Lifting iron means lifting weights with barbells, dumbbells and other iron tools.

Lifting iron is a good way to strengthen muscles, but some women worry that it will become too strong.

In fact, the amount of testosterone produced by women is much lower than that of men, which means that no matter how much they exercise, they will not have over-developed muscles.

Three Common Sense About Fitness

Exercise is the best way to keep your brain healthy.

A large number of studies show that physical exercise is the best way to improve cognitive function.

Researchers from the University of Maryland found that aerobic exercise has incomparable benefits in enhancing brain function. This kind of exercise is not only beneficial to the brain, but also to the health of the heart.

If you want to keep fit, you can’t stop for a week.

Most people do not exercise regularly within a week, and muscle tissue will begin to decompose. The principle of “use in advance and discard in retreat” is very applicable to the field of fitness.

Flat support is the “trump card” for abdominal muscles.

Some people use sit-ups to practice abdominal muscles, but they can only focus on abdominal muscles, while flat supports mobilize several groups of muscles on the side, front and back of the human body.

Therefore, if you want to strengthen your core muscle group, especially your abdominal muscles, then choose flat support.

Running every day is very good for your health.
Running every day is very good for your health.

60 Squats a Day to Raise Legs for Anti-aging

Squatting exercise is simple, effective and scientific. It does not need any equipment and space. It can be carried out at any time as long as there is a “foothold” for daily living or work.

Legs are the hinge of the body, with 50% of nerves, 50% of blood vessels and 50% of blood flowing. Therefore, keeping good legs is a key to keeping fit.

Squatting is a powerful tool to maintain legs, promote blood circulation and strengthen leg muscles.

When a person crouches down, the muscles of his legs and buttocks are squeezed, and the blood of his lower limbs will flow back to the heart quickly. When he gets up, the blood will return quickly. This squatting together is conducive to the smooth flow of qi and blood, and has the effects of preserving health and resisting aging.

In addition, squat exercise can also strengthen lower limb muscle strength, consolidate knee joint stability, reduce blood lipid, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, delay brain function decline, improve sexual function, etc.

Exercise can improve memory in ten minutes

Research by the University of Tsukuba in Japan shows that only 10 minutes of light exercise can stimulate the hippocampus of the brain and improve memory.

Zheng Yanzhao, professor of human comprehensive studies at the graduate school of the school, designed an experiment in which 36 college students rode bicycles for 10 minutes, then showed them 600 pictures and asked them to pick out the same pictures.

During the test, they were given magnetic resonance imaging to monitor the activities of the hippocampus, which is responsible for memory and learning functions.

The results showed that after exercise, the correct answer rate of the participants increased by 36.9% on average, about 5 percentage points higher than the test results before exercise. At the same time, the hippocampus is also significantly active.

Similar mild exercises, such as yoga and Taijiquan, also have good exercise effects. They can stimulate the brain benignly and persist in exercising, which is expected to prevent cognitive impairment and depression.

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