How many calories does kissing burn? Here is the answer!

Britain is the birthplace of World Kissing Day. At the end of the 19th century, on the foggy beach of Albion, we decided that a kiss is worth having our own vacation, because it is one of the main manifestations of love!

In some countries, the festival of kissing is on February 14, Valentine’s Day, because kissing is not promoted like all lovers’ festivals.

Kissing is useful and has many health benefits, not only in terms of feelings!

How many calories does kissing burn?  Here is the answer!
How many calories does kissing burn? Here is the answer!

When you kiss, you have 29 facial and neck muscles working, which prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Those who kiss often suffer less from stomach problems and gall bladder problems. Kissing also calms the pain, as it stimulates the release of endorphin hormone and reduces stress levels. Often kissing people live on average 5 years longer.

An American from Minnesota has set a record for the number of kisses per unit of time. During the festival, held in his state, for 8 hours, he kissed 8001 people.

The first kiss in the movie was recorded in 1886. Thomas Edison’s 30-second film was called “The Kiss”.

An innocent kiss burns 5 calories. During a passionate long kiss you can burn up to 30 calories. For comparison: a minute of fast walking burns only 4-5 calories.

During a kiss, 278 different bacteria pass from one person to another. Don’t be afraid, 95 percent of them are not dangerous.

Eskimos kiss noses. Why? Yes, because in frosty weather only the nose remains covered with a scarf.

On average, a person spends 2 weeks kissing in a lifetime.

Animals kiss chimpanzees, dogs, horses and Canadian porcupines on the lips.

Sixty-five percent of the kissers tilt their heads to the right.

Of course, everyone who has read this article should have a romantic kiss with their partner!

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