10 general knowledge of oral health that dentists are also following

Do you often ignore the dentist’s advice until your teeth ache to the point of losing food and insomnia?

If you follow the warnings of the following 10 dentists, you can not only avoid the risk of dental diseases, but also have confidence in your sunny smile!

Surprisingly, your dental health often depends on some small habits, such as brushing your teeth, drinking coffee, swimming …

To have a bright white smile, please read carefully the 10 dental health advice given by Howtobehealth.net.

We have 10 tips to protect your teeth, even the dentists around you are following.
We have 10 tips to protect your teeth, even the dentists around you are following.

1. Don’t brushing your teeth right after your meal

Brushing your teeth right after eating is easy to damage your teeth, especially if you use a hard brush.

Food, beverages can disrupt the pH balance in the mouth and thinning the enamel layer in a short time.

According to the Mayo Clinic Medical organization, oral care advice is that if you have just eaten food containing acid then avoid brushing your teeth then at least 30 minutes[1].

Foods that contain citric acid such as oranges, grapefruit and lemons will weaken your teeth.

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2. Pay attention to the pool water

Swimming can promote your health.

But the chemicals used to disinfect the water in the pool can have serious effects on teeth.

In 1980, American scientists conducted a study on oral health of professional swimmers and found that as many as 40% of the subjects studied had symptoms of tooth wear.

When bathing in the swimming pool, try to prevent the water from swimming pool from entering your mouth.

Chemical disinfectants in the lake will have adverse effects on your enamel.

3. Drink coffee as fast as possible

Remember the way we usually drink tea or coffee in any workplace. You can pour a cup of coffee full and pinch a sip, while chatting with your colleagues and replying to emails.

When we have such habits that inadvertently have created the opportunity for coffee, especially sugar coffee, there is more time destroying the layer of tooth enamel.

Oral care advice is that you do not let the time to sip coffee becomes a condition for bacteria that have more time to attack the enamel.

Drinking a cup of coffee quickly also helps you fully enjoy the flavor of this beverage.

4. Dental check before the intended pregnancy

First of all, the main oral cavity is the place of bacterial infection from the tooth cells to the gums, which can then go into the bloodstream and affect the fetus.

This can lead to premature birth and illnesses or serious birth defects in the child.

Periodontal disease, common oral disease is also very dangerous by being able to reduce fertility in both men and women.

Even if conception, the baby may suffer from premature birth or mild weight loss.

5. Always focus on brushing thoroughly

While brushing your teeth, dentist’s dental advice is that you shouldn’t let yourself be distracting by anything else.

Brushing is a process that needs to focus on implementation. This will make you move the brush properly and comb it out to each of the teeth.

You should teach young children to focus on brushing for a certain time period. Doctors recommend enabling the song that they love. The song will attract the child’s attention in 2 – 3 minutes, this is the time required to remove the plaque and bacteria for the child.

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Although brushing your teeth often is a good habit, but too hard to brush or brush too quickly, it will brush away the enamel

6. Pay attention to brush hygiene

Always remember to rinse the brush after brushing your teeth. Keep your toothbrush upright and leave it dry for the next use.

Try to keep your personal brushes separate from the others in the family to avoid the risk of infecting dental diseases. Do not put the brush in a sealed box, because this can provoke the growth of bacteria and mold.

Oral care advice for you is to change your toothbrush at least 3 months or more if it is possible sooner if you see the brush hair gradually or slumping.

7. Be careful when you are missing teeth

Some scientists have conducted studies on 273 volunteers aged 55 and above and made conclusions.

People with inadequate teeth have inferior memory, are easier to be bothered, and easier to change mood. One theory has come up that the loss of some teeth has the ability to reduce some sensory signals that are sent to the brain.

The funny news for those who no longer retain their teeth integrity, nowadays there is already full technology that allows the restructuring of your teeth, even if you have only left the root.

8. Beware of deformed bite joints

If a child with a cold 1 – 2 times a year, this is absolutely normal. But if the child is experiencing frequent colds, they may have problems with the bite joint.

That is when the child can not breathe with the nose and is forced to breathe orally. In addition, the skull is prone to deformation at an early age, which may cause the lower jaw to shift slightly forward.

In many cases, the dentist may advise you to see a specialist in advance to ensure that you do not have any diseases of the nose.

9. Do not chew ice and piercings tongue

If you regularly chew ice or eat more nuts, you can cause damage to the gums and tooth enamel.

Do not use teeth to open food packaging, fresh water cans or any other items. Better off that you can earn widgets to open and avoid endangering your teeth.

10. Don’t throw your baby’s milk teeth away

Do not dispose of your baby’s milk teeth. The fact is that these teeth contain stem cells that can later be used to reproduce the neuron, bones and even heart cells.

They can save your life and even help with diabetes. But to be able to use them, you need to keep the cells alive.

When your baby changes teeth, do not operate it at home.

You should come to see a dentist to properly spit teeth and preserve your teeth under recommended conditions.

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