Why do women feel cold more easily? What is the solution?

Have you ever considered such a question: It seems that in life, women are more likely to feel cold than men.

Is this just because men are generally stronger? Or is it because of deeper reasons such as genes?

In this article, we will discuss why women feel cold more easily than men.

It seems that in life, women are more likely to feel cold than men.
It seems that in life, women are more likely to feel cold than men.

People always take it for granted that women are always more difficult to tolerate cold temperatures than men. But is this really the case?

Many researchers decided to study this problem. Although there is new evidence, not all cases are the same.

However, research shows that most women are more likely to feel cold than men.

According to the BBC [1], a Dutch study can explain why women are more difficult to tolerate low temperatures than men.

The study clearly points out that women’s “feel good temperature” is 3 degrees higher than men’s[2].

Why women are always colder than men

1: Metabolic and Muscle Causes

Our metabolism produces energy that is important for temperature regulation, among other things.

When you rest, your metabolic rate is slow. This means that energy consumption (per time unit) is minimal when you are not doing any activity. On average, the metabolism of women is lower than that of men.

According to El Nacional, Paul Thornalley, a professor at Warwick Medical School, explained that both metabolism and energy production vary between men and women.

Thornalley says that women feel comfortable with different temperatures than men. This is because women have less muscle mass.

2: Body type reasons

In most cases, women have a smaller body than men. They also usually have less muscle mass. This makes women more sensitive to the cold.

Body temperature can be the same for both sexes, but body size affects the body’s response to temperature changes.

Men are usually taller and heavier. Therefore, in men, the heat can spread faster due to their size. They therefore regulate their temperature more quickly, whereas this takes longer with women.

The more muscle mass, the more heat. That is why women are always colder than men. In summer, however, men are more sensitive to heat.

Interestingly, women are more likely to freeze than men because their body temperature is concentrated in the central organs at low temperatures so that blood does not flow to the limbs.

3: women are colder than men due to their menstrual cycle

The woman’s body temperature changes during the menstrual cycle. This happens because her hormone levels rise and then fall again.

In the days before her period begins, her iron level decreases and so do her red blood cells. Therefore their body temperature decreases.

The iron level is also an influential factor because this mineral makes the body work as it should.

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4: Physiological Causes of Women

The “sensor” in a woman’s skin is more sensitive than that in a man, and it can transmit “cold” information to the brain faster.

When the brain receives the “cold” message, it will immediately order the metabolic system to accelerate its work, and then order the blood circulation system to retreat to the second line of defense, that is, from the skin, limbs to the trunk.

This is why women are more likely to feel cold hands and feet when the temperature is low.

As to why the “sensors” in women’s skin are more sensitive than men’s, medical experts have not yet come to a definite conclusion.

One theory is that women have a mission to reproduce.

During pregnancy, the fetus in the uterus needs a constant temperature environment, while the uterus is in the trunk, so the trunk of a woman needs more careful protection.

To achieve this goal, the “sensors” in women’s skin must be more sensitive, and women’s blood circulation system must retreat faster.

How to avoid getting cold

Physical activity (movement of muscles)

We know that heat is generated when the metabolic rate increases, when the body remains active. It is therefore advisable to exercise or do any other physical activity.


It is recommended to eat in order not to feel so cold. This is because the body uses energy and generates heat to digest food. Foods with more calories provide heat much faster than other foods.

Suggestions of Traditional Chinese Medicine

According to traditional Chinese medicine, if you feel cold more easily, you can add the following foods to your diet:

  • American Ginseng
  • Red date
  • Chinese wolfberry
  • Mutton
  • Chicken soup
  • shrimp
  • Loach
  • Litchi
  • longan

Ways to keep warm

In order to avoid feeling colder than others, it is best to take certain measures so that the temperatures do not disturb you too much.

  • Wear several layers of clothing (to maintain your internal temperature).
  • Drink enough fluids. You can drink tea, but it is also important to drink water at room temperature.
  • Food. It is advisable to eat several meals a day so that your body produces energy. You should include carbohydrates in every meal.
  • Exercise regularly. Exercise or run at least three times a week to increase your muscle mass.
  • Avoid staying in one position for too long.

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