Barbecue: The best tips for healthier enjoyment

It seems a good idea to enjoy barbecue with your family, but the health problems that follow can also be a headache.

How to eat a barbecue healthily? This article wants to help you solve this problem.

How to make barbecue healthier?
How to make barbecue healthier?

We have tips in text and picture on how to get the barbecue season off to a good start and do something for your health.

Ways to Make Barbecues Healthier

Do not let fat drip into the embers

Grill masters should make sure that no fat drips into the embers.

This can lead to the formation of ring-shaped aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which are considered carcinogenic.

The smoke causes the substances to settle on the meat and sausages.

It is therefore best to use aluminium trays or a grill with a vertical embers bed.

Choose good meat

It is best to choose meat with more lean meat than fat, so as to prevent excessive melting of fat.

If your meat has too much fat, it may lead to unhealthy barbecue.

Even if you pay great attention to ensure that fat does not drip onto the burning charcoal, too much fat is still unhealthy.

The thinner the chops or steaks are cut, the faster they are cooked – and the shorter they are exposed to the embers, so the consumer protectors.

However, thin slices dry out faster – so a compromise of just a few centimeters in thickness is best.

Healthier barbecue food

According to numerous studies, a lot of red meat increases the risk of various types of cancer – especially if it is charred.

The resulting chemicals then increase the risk of cancer.

Better: lean meat, fish and vegetables (e.g. mushrooms, courgettes, peppers, tomatoes).

Tofu and seitan can also be grilled.

Handling the grill safely

First, choose a safe grill and confirm the safety before grilling.

Fix your grill and then barbecue. When you barbecue, it is very dangerous to have a loose grill.

Try to use safe fuels such as charcoal instead of gas and liquid fuels.

Do not let children romp around near the grill. Several thousand grill accidents happen annually – of it approximately 500 with lasting damage.

Most barbecue accidents affect young men.


If you want a delicious and healthy barbecue, you need to pay attention to:

  • Do not let grease drip into embers;
  • Choose good meat;
  • Choose healthier barbecue food;
  • Safe handling of grills.

I hope you have a delicious and unforgettable barbecue party. Cheers, buddy!

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