Why do you get fat with age? There are several reasons

The fact that many people are getting heavier and heavier with age is indisputable.

The process of weight gain may begin at the age of 30-40, your body starts to deteriorate, and when you look in the mirror every day, you will feel unhappy.

In 1997, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially recognized obesity as a global epidemic[1].

In 2013, 2.1 billion adults were overweight, compared with 857 million in 1980[2].

Obesity is a big problem, and most intractable diseases are directly related to obesity.

Why is this happening? Is this caused by malnutrition or poor product quality? Perhaps this is human genetic behavior?

These questions need answers. Physiologists are prepared to discuss these nuances in detail.

Obesity is a big problem, so is it determined by genes or our lifestyle?
Obesity is a big problem, so is it determined by genes or our lifestyle?

Energy and its consumption

All children are active, and many young people also remain tireless during adolescence. But activity rates continue to fall, by about 10 per cent every decade.

The overall physical mobility of the person decreases, the metabolism slows down, and even the cardiovascular system begins to work less intensively.

An interesting fact: with a 10 percent decrease in activity, the weight also increases by 10 percent. This fact proves that the activity really plays a significant role.

Women’s Unique Genes

For a long time, a very “prominent” contradiction has puzzled many female compatriots: even if they consume less calories than men, they are still more likely to gain weight.

One peculiar thing about women’s genes is that they can store 6% ~ 10% more fat than men[3].

This may be a natural genetic choice: allowing women to store more fat in preparation for future generations.

Because mothers need to consume a lot of energy during lactation and pregnancy, which may be the best explanation for this phenomenon.

However, such problems have also led some women to become more obese.

A relaxed lifestyle

As long as this person is young, he has many goals waiting for him to achieve.

In about 10 years, it is necessary to study, find a job, start a career and start a family.

A person keeps setting new goals. He has no time to be still. A positive lifestyle is hard to make people fat.

However, with the passage of time, life becomes more stable and regular-you will become bored and lazy.

An active person has lost the keynote of his life. He wants to lie on the sofa and eat some delicious things to enrich his life.

At the same time, your weight will also increase.

Law of nature

All healthy people should gain weight with age.

The emaciation of young people is caused by many reasons, and even more factors will prevent them from gaining weight.

Stress, continuous activity requires a lot of calories. Under the normal action of epinephrine, people will not become fat.

But with the passage of time, epinephrine began to play a completely different role.

For example, if a person maintains a slim figure at the age of 30 due to life and stress, the hormone will cause the opposite reaction-weight gain after the age of 35.

Unfortunately, this is indeed the case, because the body has lost its ability to resist epinephrine. Under its action, insulin begins to produce and form fat.

If a 40-year-old is often under pressure, you can be sure that he will soon get fat.

The role of diet

When young, many people use diet to keep healthy.

But also, effective methods for people under the age of 30-35 may have the opposite effect at a more mature age.

Facts have proved that the most common obese people are those who often diet.

The dieting habits that you can stick to when you are young may not stick to after you are 35.

This may lead to the opposite effect-you will become obese because you resist diet.


Therefore, many people get fat as they grow older. You can think that this is caused by genes, but you cannot rule out the influence of the acquired lifestyle.

With the passage of time, there are many factors leading to weight gain, which may be hormones, rhythm of life, metabolism, diet, etc.

However, in general, we can only say one thing: as we get older, we will gain weight-which is very natural.

Of course, there is no point in worrying about this problem if your weight has not increased sharply or to an unhealthy level.

If you show signs of obesity, think about what caused it and try to keep a healthy weight as much as possible.

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