Bionic glue can quickly and strongly stop bleeding

How can the wound be healed safely and quickly?

The research team from Zhejiang University’s Medical College and other units reported a bionic hydrogel material that can completely stop large artery injury and massive hemorrhage from heart penetrating injury within tens of seconds[1].

The effect of this material has been confirmed in animal experiments and is expected to be widely used in clinic in the future[2].

The relevant research results were published in the journal Nature Communications on the 14th.

Bionic glue can quickly and strongly stop bleeding
Bionic glue can quickly and strongly stop bleeding

Rapid hemostasis and wound closure is a great challenge in cardiac surgery and macrovascular surgery, and a large number of people die each year due to the inability to effectively control bleeding.

“The ideal adhesive should not only have strong adhesion to wet tissues, but also be strong enough to resist high blood pressure and heart beating. However, there is currently no material that meets the above requirements. “

Ouyang Hongwei, a professor at Zhejiang University, said.

The research team designed a gel that mimics extracellular matrix (composed of molecules such as proteins) and can quickly solidify under ultraviolet light.

In the preliminary animal experiments carried out in the laboratory, the hydrogel can quickly seal large-area wounds on pig liver.

Later, researchers showed through a group of pig surgeries that the hydrogel can also allow the penetrating wound of pig heart to close quickly and stop bleeding without suturing[3].

It is reported that researchers will carry out further preclinical studies to assess whether the hydrogel has potential toxicity and ensure its safe use in the future.

The new material can be injected and is convenient to use, and has good application prospect in scenes such as wound rapid hemostasis, open surgery, minimally invasive endoscopic surgery hemostasis, wound closure and the like.

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