4 Simple methods can help you get rid of your drowsiness quickly

Perhaps for many reasons, you will suffer from insufficient sleep, and then you will start to feel sleepy the next day at work or in class.

At this time, what you want most is a panacea to help you refresh yourself quickly.

When people are in high spirits, not only will they feel refreshed, but also their work efficiency will be greatly improved.

Especially when you are driving or operating some dangerous instruments, drowsiness can be very dangerous.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that fatigue is the cause of 100,000 car crashes and 1,550 crash-related deaths in the United States each year.

The problem is most serious among people under the age of 25.

So, what are some simple ways to help you refresh yourself quickly?

Don’t get me wrong, we are not advocating you not to sleep.

We just hope you can have a timely and effective way when you are sleepy.

Sleeping in the afternoon seems to be a very common problem. Is there any simple way to help you refresh yourself?
Sleeping in the afternoon seems to be a very common problem. Is there any simple way to help you refresh yourself?

Stimulate yourself

When we feel sleepy, we can use some methods that can stimulate people’s senses to achieve the purpose of refreshing.

For example, washing your face with cold water will refresh you.

You can also choose mint products and apply them to your temples to help you refresh yourself.

Mint can bring you a cool feeling and prevent you from getting sleepy[1].

But be careful not to let mint products come into contact with your eyes, otherwise you will really be “very conscious.”

However, this method of sobering people through external forces may only be able to solve temporary needs. It may not be long before drowsiness returns.

This requires us to be prepared for continuous refreshment, washing our faces several times and applying some cooling oil several times.

Tea or coffee

Tea can be said to be the healthiest drink in the world. It can not only resist oxidation and improve immunity, but also refresh the mind[2].

Tea contains caffeine, which is a substance that can stimulate the central nervous system of the brain. This is also the main reason why drinking tea can excite the brain.

Of course, there is not only one kind of refreshing drink, but also coffee or functional drinks.

If you want to keep healthy and refresh yourself, the best way is to drink tea or sugar-free coffee.

What needs to be reminded is that it is best not to drink strong tea or coffee at night, which can easily cause insomnia.

Even if you need to work late into the night, don’t choose tea to refresh yourself.

Interestingly, traditional Chinese medicine has also analyzed the relationship between tea drinking and seasons for you.

It is good to drink green tea in summer, but black tea is recommended in winter.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that green tea is good for resisting heatstroke and dryness-heat in summer, while black tea is good for resisting cold in winter.

Although iced tea or coffee is good for heat dissipation, it is still recommended that you drink tea with moderate temperature.

Do what you like first

When you face things you don’t like, even if you have enough sleep, you will fall asleep.

This is because you are not interested in the current job or course.

Whether it’s work or study, if you’re sleepy, you can put aside the boring things at hand and choose what you’re interested in first.

People tend to be more focused on what they are interested in, which can relieve the lack of concentration caused by drowsiness.

Many people will have this experience:

It is easy to fall asleep when reading books you don’t like very much in the evening, while watching TV plays you like, even if you stay up for a few hours, you may not feel sleepy.

Stand up and move

When we are exercising, the body’s blood circulation will accelerate and the brain will wake up.

For those who are working, you can find excuses to go downstairs, take a short walk, and move your neck, shoulders and arms as much as possible to make your body active.

In other words, only a small amount of activities are needed when you are sleepy.

Violent exercise is not only unrealistic, but even if it is implemented, it will only make people more tired and want more rest.

According to an article by medicalnewstoday, sedentary behavior may increase the risk of various diseases and damage your mental health.

Whether you are sleepy or not, proper exercise is necessary at work or at school.

Other ways to refresh yourself

There are other ways to help you stay awake for a short time:

  • Chat with people around you;
  • Meditate for 5 minutes (depending on the situation);
  • Reduce indoor temperature;
  • Massage your temples;
  • Breathe fast.

But these will only work in a short time. If you want to stay awake, the best way is to have a good sleep.

However, if you still feel sleepy after getting enough sleep, the best way is to consult a doctor to avoid unknown sleep problems.

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