5 Family Natural Therapy to Promote Hair Growth

Is your hair brittle, forked and prone to shedding? How to change it? Try these 5 simple natural family methods to make your hair thicker and firmer and grow faster in 3 months.

4 Family Natural Therapy to Promote Hair Growth
4 Family Natural Therapy to Promote Hair Growth

Method 1: solve trichomadesis

If your problem is hair loss, then you should check your hair problem yourself.

Maybe you suffer from dandruff or have greasy hair?

If so, and you don’t use the right shampoo, you’re making a big mistake.

The accumulated sebum is an excellent nutrient for the bacteria that cause dandruff.

Excessive sebum is also a cause of hair weakness, as not enough oxygen and nutrients reach the hair follicles.

So what should you do to get your hair more firmly embedded in the root and activate the hair follicles to produce new hair?

You need to choose hair care products according to your problems.

Such as reducing dandruff, removing sebum, etc.

In addition to the above reasons, hair loss may also be caused by more serious problems, which can be viewed on relevant Wikipedia pages.

Method 2: Stop hurting your hair

Do you konw? The reason why your hair is unhealthy or grows slowly may be caused by your living habits.

In order to prevent your hair from being damaged, you need to pay attention to:

  • Hair doesn’t like cold and hot, but it does like warmth. So if you want to speed up your hair growth, don’t expose it to drastic temperature spikes. Avoid curling tongs and straighteners and if you can’t do without them, use heat protectants to protect your hair from very high temperatures.
  • Eat healthily, as the ingredients in a balanced diet such as vitamin B12, calcium, iron and zinc will help your hair grow strong and thick quickly. In addition, speeding up the growth of hair and nails will help you eat fresh fish, eggs, cheese, lentils and Brazil nuts.
  • Be reasonable with the sun. Small doses of sunlight will be good for hair growth, but too much sunlight can dry out your hair too much, leading to weakness and loss of hair.
  • Cut your hair regularly as often as needed. Hair grows out of the scalp, but the ends of the hair grow old and break down quickly, leading to split ends. Split ends cause hair to break.
  • If you want to speed up hair growth, buy a special shampoo and conditioner to help your hair grow. Don’t use styling products such as hairspray, mousse and gels. The chemicals they contain lead to fatty hair becoming greasy faster.

Method 3: help hair grow

If you have already eliminated the factors that caused excessive hair loss, you can now move on to the next step, which is to strengthen your hair.

By nourishing your hair well and giving it the right care, you can get longer and stronger hair faster than ever before.

Ideally, you should use hair growth products that will improve the blood supply to the scalp.

They will facilitate the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.

Hair will grow faster and healthier.

Ingredients that improve blood circulation include diosmin and vitamin PP. These are the ingredients you should look for in a good shampoo for growing hair.

Products that promote hair growth include essential oils, vegetable juices or other chemical products.

Although many articles say they are useful, you should choose them carefully.

The best way is to consult professionals, who will help you choose the right product for you according to your personal situation.

Method 4: Inject vitamin protection into hair

You can use a great anti-hair loss shampoo and hair growth conditioner.

But if you don’t take care of your diet, provide the right vitamins and micronutrients from the inside, then your plan will simply not work.

So what specific vitamins and minerals do your hair need to grow quickly and have a strong and healthy structure?

In this case, the most important are vitamins and minerals such as:

  • Vitamin A – thanks to it, hair is less susceptible to hair loss and better moisturized. If you let your body run out of vitamin A, you can inhibit hair growth and contribute to excessive hair loss.
  • Vitamin H, i.e. biotin, plays a very important role when it comes to strengthening hair. It provides sulfur to the hair matrix, which guarantees that hair will grow healthier and stronger, and their stems will have the correct sulphide bonds.
  • Vitamin C – supports better functioning of hair roots and contributes to increased production of keratin.
  • Vitamin B6– its deficiency leads to a slowdown in hair growth.
    Vitamin B8- commonly known as inositol, is necessary to maintain a sufficient amount of hair on the head. Its absence leads to baldness. In order for this vitamin to function properly, it needs panthenolic acid, folic acid and biotin.
  • Silicium– without it it is difficult to imagine not only strong hair, but also nails. First of all, it supports microcirculation of the scalp around hair follicles, which contributes to better oxygenation and nourishment of hair follicles. In addition, it has strong adsorption properties, it can regulate the level of sebum produced, which causes the sebaceous glands to detach. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, supports the fight against various types of bacteria or scalp mycoses, which contribute to the weakening of hair. It also increases the synthesis of keratin and the level of hair moisture. Thanks to it, hair is strengthened, and at the same time flexible and less prone to breakage.
  • Zinc – regulates the work of sebaceous glands, so it is necessary when you lose hair because of seborrhoea. In addition, it cares for the proper condition of the skin, calming inflammation. It contributes to the production of the basic hair building material, i.e. keratin.

Method 5: Simple Tips for Promoting Hair Growth

Besides diet and shampoo, there are other natural methods to help hair grow:

  • Massage the scalp at least 5-10 minutes a day, as the massage stimulates hair growth and makes hair grow naturally faster.
  • Take care of your hair. Wash your hair often using the right shampoo and don’t forget the conditioner.
  • Don’t let your hair go under your hat all day long. Let your hair breathe as it needs space to grow quickly and healthily.
  • Use brushes made of natural bristles to comb your hair, as they spread the natural oil produced by the scalp over the entire hair during combing.


Just like the health of your body, your hair growth needs many ways to work together.

Healthy diet and head massage may be the simplest family therapy. They can help your hair grow.

You can choose essential oils, shampoos and herbs to help your hair grow, but you should be cautious.

Do you have any other questions about hair growth?

The commentary tells us.

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