Regular vitamin B supplementation is required for fitness

With the growing trend of fitness, many people will consciously eat Albumen powder to increase muscle strength. But for exercisers, what they need more may be Vitamin B Family.

Vitamin B Family is an important substance for maintaining nerve excitability and energy. It can accelerate energy metabolism, consume accumulated fat, improve exercise effect and promote muscle strength.

Protein and carbohydrate supplement during exercise need a large amount of Vitamin B Family to help metabolism. If excessive consumption leads to its deficiency, metabolic disorders, decreased immunity and even disease may be caused. Vitamin B Family consists of more than 12 kinds, of which vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin B6 are closely related to exercise.

Vitamin B1 is mainly related to carbohydrate metabolism and also affects fat metabolism. The more exercise, the higher the consumption. The main food sources of vitamin B1 are coarse grain, milk, egg yolk, lean meat and plant seeds.

Vitamin B2 is related to metabolism of fat, carbohydrate and protein, and is prone to various inflammations when lacking, including Angular cheilitis, cheilitis, etc. The main food sources of vitamin B2 are animal liver, egg yolk, milk, beans and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin B6 is related to protein metabolism. The conversion of glycogen into usable glucose and amino acid into energy all require vitamin B6. The main food sources of vitamin B6 are animal liver, lean meat, beans and whole grains.

It is recommended that exercisers eat more foods rich in Vitamin B Family. If the exercise is very heavy, they can take supplements appropriately, but it is better to find a professional to evaluate and supplement them.

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