7 Foods are harmful to your intestinal health

In daily life, for the sake of our intestinal health and physical health, some foods should be eaten less or not as much as possible.

Fried food

We know that repeated high-temperature heating of grease will produce harmful substances.

For example, unsaturated fatty acids will produce polymers-dimers and trimers after high temperature treatment.

In addition, most fried foods contain high concentrations of Acrylamide, also known as “C poison”, which is a carcinogen. After entering the human body, it will destroy vitamins and change the properties of proteins, thus “attacking” the human immune system and becoming the “number one killer” of cardiovascular diseases.

The content of Acrylamide in French fries is especially high, which requires special attention.

Pickled food

Salted food is easy to produce harmful substances such as nitrite because a large amount of salt will be added during its processing.

Especially in the process of pickling vegetables, if the salt content is less than 15%, and the temperature is high and the pickling time is short, the nitrates contained in the vegetables are likely to be reduced to nitrite by microorganisms.

Scientific research shows that the nitrite content in food increases after pickling for 1 hour until reaching the peak around 2 week, and this state lasts at least 2~3 week.

After nitrite enters the human body, it will first stimulate the gastrointestinal system, affect mucosal tissue, and cause inflammation or even ulcer. It can also raise blood pressure, increase kidney burden and even increase cancer risk.

Therefore, regular consumption of pickled food has a great impact on human health.

Meat processed food

Most processed meat products also contain a certain amount of nitrite.

In addition, ham products and the like contain a large amount of sodium, and regular consumption will lead to excessive salt intake of human body, thus causing obvious blood pressure fluctuation and even permanent damage to renal function.

Biscuit food

Biscuits contain a large amount of sugar and trans fatty acids, which are easy to feel full when eaten frequently. They also affect the body’s intake of other nutritious foods, resulting in malnutrition such as calcium deficiency, potassium deficiency and hypovitaminosis.

Teenagers often eat too much biscuit food, which is easy to be obese and is not conducive to healthy development.

In addition, some investigations have found that too much sweet food intake by human body will easily lead to high insulin secretion and endocrine disorders, and at the same time it will also induce diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, obesity, rickets, myopia, dental caries and other diseases.

Trans fatty acids can reduce the content of High-density lipoprotein cholesterol in human blood and increase blood viscosity, thus increasing the risk of atherosclerosis and diabetes.

Therefore, although biscuits taste sweet, they should be eaten at an appropriate level. When purchasing biscuits or other similar foods, if the packing list is marked with the words “Shortening”, “vegetable creamer”, “Creamer”, “margarine” and “hydrogenated vegetable oil”, it is indicated that trans fatty acids are contained, and the purchase should be cautious.

Carbonate Beverages

Carbonated drinks have a unique taste and are especially suitable for relieving summer heat and quenching thirst in summer, so they are often irresistible.

Little imagine, many substances in carbonated drinks are the “culprits” of osteoporosis, diabetes and gastrointestinal disorder in human body. Children often drink them and are prone to dental caries. Excessive drinking by adults is also not conducive to health.

Barbecue food

When Meat emits attractive fragrance on the oven, have you ever thought that behind these scents, proteins are changing and vitamins are being destroyed.

These changes not only reduce the nutritional value of meat, but also produce carcinogenic substances.

Although some roast meat has been cooked on the outside, it is not yet cooked on the inside. It may contain a variety of bacteria and microorganisms. Coupled with hot food materials such as pepper, chili, cumin powder, it will have a great impact on the human digestive system and may damage the digestive tract mucosa, thus inducing cancer.

Candied fruit food

Candied fruits contain a large amount of sodium cyclamate, preservative and nitrite, which easily form Ammonium Nitrite after entering human body.

In addition, too much essence in candied fruits is also a “sharp weapon” to damage Liver. More salt will lead to higher blood pressure and increase kidney burden. Therefore, although candied fruits are delicious, they should be eaten carefully.


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