Regular consumption of ” Ultra-processed foods” may reduce your life span

” Ultra-processed foods” are all over our daily diet. A recent large-scale French research report shows that for every 10% extra intake of processed foods, the risk of premature death increases by 14%.

Research: Frequent Eating of Ultra-processed Foods Increases Risk of Premature Death

The study, published in the Journal of Internal Medicine of the American Medical Association, defines ultra-processed foods as ” foods made in industry and mixed with various ingredients, which usually include additives used to beautify foods or for technical considerations.”

The report pointed out: ” Most of the super-processed foods come from snacks, desserts, instant foods and cooked foods.”

Researchers conducted a follow-up survey of 45,000 people over the age of 45. Participants provided their dietary records 24 hours a day. At the same time, they also indicated their health, exercise, smoking and other conditions through questionnaires. During the seven-year study, 602 participants died.

Researchers analyzed data and found that eating 10% more processed foods increased the risk of premature death by 14%.

Not only that, the research team’s research last year also found that eating super-processed foods increases the risk of breast cancer and many other cancers.

” Processed food” is not necessarily harmful

” Super-processed food” and ” processed food” are not exactly the same.

The so-called processed food is to transform the prototype food into other types of food. Processed food is not necessarily harmful to the body.

For example, apple juice we drink uses a juicer to squeeze apples into juice. Beef fillings are ground by machines. Yogurt is to ferment milk. Dried fish is to dry the fish in the sun.

Food obtained by chopping, sun drying, baking, canning, fermenting, etc. like this belongs to ” primary processed food”. The purpose of primary processing is to make food edible, delicious, convenient and prolong the shelf life.

However, the ultra-processed food is further processed on this basis, adding a large amount of sugar, salt, grease, other chemical additives and preservatives, in order to achieve the effects of low price, more delicious and attractive, more convenient to eat and longer shelf life.

Stay away from these ultra-processed foods

Super processed foods often contain very little nutrition, because excessive processing has exhausted most of the nutrients.

Common super-processed foods include: some bread, Processed meat, microwave meals, carbonated beverages, potato chips and biscuits, etc. Most bagged snacks, ice cream, cakes, candy, etc.

When we buy food in supermarkets or stores, we should perhaps spend a few more seconds thinking about whether we should put these super-processed foods into the shopping basket.

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