After 40 years old, cancer risk increases 2.5 times! Experts Teach You Four Ways to Prevent Cancer

Recently, National Cancer Institute released cancer risk data for people of different races and ages in different regions. Data show that Asian people’s risk of cancer suddenly increases from the age of 40. The risk of cancer is 2.5 times higher in 40-49 years than in 30-39 years.

How can middle-aged people reduce their cancer risk? Recently, Lu Kaizu, an expert in internal medicine oncology from Hong Kong, shared his experience in cancer prevention at the research conference on anti-PD-1 immunotherapy for lung cancer.

Quit smoking

It is reported that Dr. Lu Kaizu is an academician of the American College of Internal Medicine and the Canadian College of Internal Medicine and is currently practicing in Hong Kong.

Lu Kaizu, who was in his prime, talked about his experience in cancer prevention and came to know it easily.

He said that the first thing to do is to give up smoking. As far as cancer prevention is concerned, it is never too late to give up smoking.

Tobacco has been identified as a high-risk factor for bladder cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer. Therefore, even after smoking for decades, in order to avoid cancer, smoking should be actively stopped.

loss of weight

Secondly, keep a proper weight.

After middle age, exercise decreases and it is easy to gain weight. However, overweight or obesity is another high-risk factor for cancer.

The Lancet, a famous medical journal, once published a British research project. A survey of 5.24 million people found that if the body mass index increased by 5kg/m2 (meaning that a 160cm, 60kg person gained about 8kg), the incidence of uterine cancer, gallbladder cancer, renal cancer, cervical cancer, thyroid cancer and lymphoma would increase.

It is said that weight gain and a large increase in insulin secretion will gradually make the sensitivity of insulin receiving targets worse and worse, which will lead to a series of changes in molecular biology until human oncogenes are activated, leading to the occurrence of endometrial cancer, breast cancer, renal cancer and colon cancer.

Therefore, entering middle age to control weight is not only for good-looking and preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, but also an effective way to prevent cancer.

Exercise more

Thirdly, exercise as much as possible. The occurrence of cancer is related to the low immunity of the body, and exercise can increase the immunity of the body.

Professor Akon, a well-known German sports medicine expert, found that after eight years of follow-up investigation on two groups of 450 people over the age of 40 who persist in sports and those who do not exercise, the cancer rate of those who persist in sports for a long time is 90% lower than that of those who do not exercise. Moreover, the death rate of cancer patients who persist in exercising is much lower than that of those who do not exercise.

Regular physical examination

Lu Kaizu stressed that cancer can be detected early, and 85% of early tumors can be cured.

Therefore, when the risk of cancer increases exponentially after the age of 40, it is even more important to do a good job of cancer prevention physical examination, especially to select the appropriate physical examination for one’s physical condition and family history. For example, patients with colorectal cancer in family inside should undergo colonoscopy screening after the age of 50.

Low-dose spiral CT should be performed once a year for patients over 40 years old to find 0.6 centimeter of small lung cancer tissue.

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