3 Ways to Help You Stay Away from Cancer Caused by Kitchen Fume

Frying, frying and deep-frying are common cooking methods, but when cooking in this way, a large amount of lampblack will be generated, which has the suspicion of causing lung cancer.

3 Ways to Help You Stay Away from Cancer Caused by Kitchen Fume

Is there any way to avoid the carcinogenic risk caused by kitchen fume?

Chen xibin, medical doctor of thoracic surgery at the national cancer institute, pointed out that cooking fume is one of the risk factors for lung cancer. Many women also have lung cancer without smoking, which may be related to frequent exposure to kitchen fume.

” If oil is heated to a certain high temperature, it will decompose and produce harmful substances such as acrolein.” Chen xibin said that this kind of lampblack sucked into the lungs is very harmful to the body.

The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health of Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor has made a statistic that 234 out of 330,000 licensed Chinese cooks suffer from lung adenocarcinoma, 2.65 times as many as those who work in other catering industries but are not exposed to lampblack.

Not only that, long-term inhalation of lampblack may also lead to dizziness, nausea and abnormal obesity. This disease is called ” drunken oil syndrome” and is easy to happen to cooks and housewives who often cook.

3 Methods Keep away from the harm of lampblack

In order to avoid breathing lampblack, some people wear masks when cooking. Chen xibin said that this practice can only play a part. if the lampblack in the room is not discharged, it will still be inhaled after the meal.

The following three methods can effectively avoid the harm of lampblack:

1: Low Oil Temperature+Correct Oil

When cooking, avoid adding ingredients until the oil smokes. If you see the oil starting to smoke, turn down the fire.

The quality of cooking oil itself is also very important. Yan ruihong, a professor in the department of agricultural chemistry at the national Taiwan university, said in his book that the oil temperature is about 140 ~ 180 ℃ for hot frying or small amount of frying, and 180 ~ 200 ℃ for high temperature and large amount of frying.

Therefore, when frying food, it is best to choose oils with smoke point greater than 190 ~ 200 ℃, which are not easy to oxidize, such as olive oil.

Although soybean oil, corn oil and other edible oils have high smoke points, they have low oxidation stability and are prone to produce other harmful oxides at high temperatures.

2:Properly purchase and use range hoods, improve room ventilation and effectively eliminate lampblack.

When purchasing a range hood, it is recommended to choose one with good performance, large air volume and suction force, and the size should preferably be 10cm larger than the range.

When using a range hood, it is recommended that:

The air intake of the range hood is lower than the mouth and nose, which can reduce the height of the range hood during installation.

Open the doors and windows far away from the range hood to facilitate oil smoke emission.

3:Frying as little as possible, and cooking methods with less oil smoke, such as steaming, stewing, etc., should be used.

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