Why can lemon make people live longer?

Although lemon has a strong sour taste and is difficult to be eaten directly as fruit after meals, it often has the effect of improving taste and aroma in various cuisines.

In addition, the health effect of lemon itself is even more commendable. Japan has a ” lemon island” rich in lemon. The life expectancy of the residents on the island is 7 years higher than the average age in Japan, and the health conditions such as blood pressure and bone density are also better.

What are the benefits of lemons and can they help people live longer?

What are the benefits of lemons and can they help people live longer?
What are the benefits of lemons and can they help people live longer?

Japanese residents who eat lemon regularly live longer than the average Japanese

Japan’s Hiroshima Prefecture has been rich in lemons since ancient times. Among them, the island of Okazaki in the Seto Sea is called ” Lemon Island”. Lemons are not only rich in lemons, but also a part of islanders’ daily diet.

The average life expectancy of Oshima Okazaki residents is 80 years, 7 years higher than that of all Japan. In addition, the islanders’ bone density is higher than the national average, and the incidence rate of osteoporosis and blood pressure are also lower.

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Akihito iida, professor of science therapy at the department of health and welfare of Hiroshima university in Japan, conducted a special investigation and found that the islanders and other Japanese people have one difference: they eat one lemon every five days on average, which is 15 times higher than the national average of five lemon a year.

Because citric acid is very strong and difficult to eat directly, islanders usually make lemon juice, or use it as seasoning, such as adding lemon juice to sauces and other seasonings, or grinding lemon directly into vegetables, or islanders directly slice lemon with peel and put it into hot pot to cook with cheese and milk.

Lemon and Hypertension

Although it is not certain that there is an inevitable relationship between lemon and islanders’ longevity, Akihito Ikeda believes that the chelation of citric acid can help maintain calcium concentration in blood and lemon polyphenol can help lower blood pressure, which may be one of the factors that make islanders live longer. Professor of Japan’s Shizuoka Prefecture University, Akihiko Akihiko, has also conducted a study in which experimental mice ingested milk and lemon juice at the same time. It was found that calcium absorption rate could be greatly increased by 30%.

The Circulatory Disease Information Service website of Japan’s National Circulatory Disease Research Center also points out that hypertension may damage the heart, blood vessels and other organs, and may cause serious diseases that may cause death, such as cardiac hypertrophy, cerebral apoplexy, heart failure, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, renal failure, aneurysm, etc. Some Taiwanese doctors even pointed out that the risk of death from fracture caused by osteoporosis is even higher than cancer.

Lemons eat like this and get the most nutrition

However, due to the rich content of health ingredients such as sage glucoside in lemon in the lemon peel, it is suggested that it is healthier to eat with the peel, or slice lemon and soak it in honey for one night, so that the lemon peel can be softened gradually, and then it can be easily drunk and can also be made into honey lemonade for drinking.

However, due to the high sugar content of honey and its susceptibility to tooth decay, it is recommended to drink it in an appropriate amount.

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