Children’s Bedrooms Have TV, Physical and Mental Development Affected

A new study published in the recently published journal Pediatrics found that if children spend too much time watching TV in the bedroom, their growth and development will be limited.

This can explain why some teenagers have poor body mass index, poor eating habits and social and emotional disorders.

Children's Bedrooms Have TV, Physical and Mental Development Affected
Children’s Bedrooms Have TV, Physical and Mental Development Affected

As children’s attention is diverted, they may not have sufficient physical and social interaction to promote appropriate physical and social emotional development. To test this hypothesis, researchers from Germany’s Uddham Institute of Psychological Education followed a birth cohort vertically to check whether there was a TV set in the bedroom of a 4-year-old child, and whether there was a link between his pre-school neurological development and his early puberty physical development, psychological and social problems.

Researchers analyzed the Canadian birth cohort data of 1,859 Quebec children born from spring 1997 to spring 1998. The study found that spending too much time watching TV in the bedroom would damage children’s preschool development.

In order to assess the health of these children at the age of 13, the researchers measured their body mass index and the amount of unhealthy food they ate. In order to measure the psychological problems, the teachers evaluated the emotional stress faced by the children, and the teenagers also completed a short version of the list of children’s depression.

For social problems, teachers reported how children get along with their peers and whether they are bullied. All these measures are good predictors of physical and mental health in later adulthood.

The research results clearly show that if individual and family factors are not taken into account, for children with TV in their bedroom when they are 4 years old, their body mass index will be significantly higher when they grow up, their eating habits will be unhealthy, and their emotional stress, depression, bullying and physical aggression levels will also be higher.

Researchers pointed out that intuitively, parents know how their children spend their leisure time will affect their health for a long time, and television is their most common pastime.

Obviously, if children spend a long time in front of the screen, it will have an impact on their growth and development, especially if there is television equipment in private places such as bedrooms.

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