Which sleep posture is good? The best analysis of sleep posture!

Sleep accounts for about one-third of our life time, but with the continuous acceleration of the pace of life, problems such as insufficient sleep time and insomnia have become a problem for many people nowadays. Sleep quality is directly related to sleep posture. Perhaps the sleeping position you have always loved is not suitable for you.

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Supine sleep

In life, the proportion of people who choose the supine sleeping posture is relatively large. This sleeping posture will not oppress internal organs and other organs in the body, which can relieve the oppressive feeling of internal organs and chest cavity, and can also make the spine part into a line, which can effectively relieve the symptoms of neck and back soreness.

At the same time, it is also the best posture for beauty sleep, because the face will not wrinkle due to pillow extrusion, which can relax the skin.

However, supine posture can easily lead to drop of tongue root, doubling the probability of snoring and sleep apnea, and is also considered as an inducement to aggravate molars. Therefore, this sleeping posture is not suitable for people who often snore or have respiratory diseases.

Sleep on one’s side

Left lying

Left lying can relieve stomach discomfort. People with heartburn symptoms choose left lying, which can obviously relieve symptoms. This posture can make people breathe comfortably, thus reducing snoring. Since the heart is located in the left thoracic cavity, this sleeping position is easy to compress the heart.

Therefore, people with heart diseases or the elderly are not recommended to adopt this sleeping posture. However, 40.9% of the people who like to lie on the left often have nightmares, while only 14.6% of the people who like to lie on the right do so.

Right lying

Right lying is conducive to the normal operation of gastrointestinal tract, can promote digestion, and will not compress the heart. It can effectively reduce blood pressure and heart rate, which is beneficial to patients with heart diseases.

However, this sleeping posture will affect the movement of the right lung. If there is emphysema or people with poor lungs, it is better not to choose the right lying posture. In fact, lying on one’s side, whether facing left or right, helps clean up the ” garbage” in the body, thus reducing the risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s syndrome and neurodegenerative diseases.

Prone sleep

Prone lying is probably the worst sleeping position from a musculoskeletal point of view.

Because when a person is lying down, his chest will be oppressed, resulting in heart discomfort and breathing difficulties. Moreover, this sleeping posture is difficult to keep the spine in a central position, which will bring pressure to joints and muscles and stimulate nerves. Over time, the waist and back will feel pain and numbness.

Moreover, when lying prone, the neck will twist to the side and the head will tilt to one side, which will easily lead to neck muscle damage.

Tips for a better sleep

After adjusting our sleep posture, we also need to pay attention to some small details in our life, which is more conducive to improving our sleep quality.

  1. Regular exercise is helpful to sleep. It is best to exercise about 6 hours before going to bed to prevent overheating after exercise, which is counterproductive. Avoid caffeine 6 hours before bed, including coffee, cola, tea and chocolate.
  2. Don’t eat too full for breakfast and dinner. The body needs time to metabolize the dinner food, otherwise gastrointestinal discomfort will easily occur, affecting sleep.
  3. Sleep environment light should be dark, no noise, bedroom temperature should not be too high, the body core temperature drop is one of the mechanisms to help the human body sleep, a cool bedroom is helpful to sleep; At least one and a half hours before going to bed, the water temperature should not be too hot.
  4. Sleep to go to bed and get up at a fixed time, holidays are no exception, so as to ensure a stable internal clock. Weekend ” sleep supplement” will only make the biological clock more disordered.
  5. Don’t look at electronic equipment before going to bed. The screens of mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices emit blue light, which will inhibit the body from producing melatonin that helps sleep. It is suggested to replace bedtime books with paper books.

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