10 ways to Avoid Illness Summarized by Senior Chinese Doctors

People who like to keep in good health know that they need to have a balanced diet, keep exercising and maintain a good mood if they want not to get sick, but there are very few people who can really do these things!

Today, I’d like to share with you some experiences of ” not getting sick”, including some secret recipes of academicians and famous doctors. If you want not to get sick, you must remember these ” ten iron laws of not getting sick”!

44-year study: participating in these activities reduces the risk of dementia by half

If you don’t get angry, you won’t get sick.

” If you are not angry, you will not get sick.”This sentence is not a rumor but a summary of Hao Wanshan’s 50 years of medical experience as a professor and doctoral supervisor at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

How high is the incidence of diseases caused by anger? The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta found that 90% of diseases are related to mental stress.

Professor Hao Wanshan said:

You are bullish on many people, complain everywhere, and don’t like anything.

How does the country look like this, how does the society look like this, how does the unit look like this.

When I get home, I complain. Why is the family like this? Complaining is a negative emotion.

Professor Hao Wanshan also said:

Now, according to the World Health Organization, more than 90% of diseases are related to emotions.

As long as we control our emotions, we can get sick less and later.

Don’t Stay Up Late

Xu Liang, chief physician of the Department of Mental Disorders of Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, pointed out that,Staying up late has become a common phenomenon in modern life. It is not correct to think that it is enough to make up for it in the daytime after staying up late.

For those who stay up late for a long time, skin damage will be very serious. The best time for skin rest is at night. Sleeping late will increase the burden on the skin and cause a series of skin problems, such as dim skin color and acne.

People who stay up all night like to eat food taken late at night. Eating at night makes it difficult for people to sleep. In the daytime, they will also have poor appetite, resulting in unbalanced nutrition and obesity. As a result, diseases abound.

According to the research, the normal sleep time is from 9-10 pm to 5-6 am, with 7-8 hours of sleep a night, generally not less than 5-6 hours. Only in this way can we respect the growth and decline of yin and yang in nature and conform to human physiological laws.

Don’t Eat Disorderly

A few years ago, Yu Juan, a female doctor from Fudan University who died of cancer, once analyzed the causes of her cancer. One of them is bad eating habits.Eating at random, overeating and indulging in meat are like life.

Yu Juan wrote in his blog that I am a person who never refuses to taste something at the table.

Based on many objective reasons, such as Torre’s superior condition as a cook, I have eaten a lot of things that I shouldn’t eat, incomplete statistics, peacock, seagull, whale, puffer fish, sika deer, antelope, reindeer, muntjac, wild boar, five-step snake and so on.

However, I must deeply reflect that these things should not be eaten.

We have to believe that our intelligent ancestors, who have accumulated wisdom for thousands of years, have screened for a long time, which is much longer than countless times of our life time, before finally locking in our present ingredients and keeping them. If peacocks are better than chickens, then now chickens are peacocks and peacocks are chickens.

Adhere to the movement

Former head of the Central Health Committee, Wang Minqing, pointed out in the lecture that,He who can lie will never sit, he who can sit will never stand, and he who can ride will never walk. I would rather wait in long lines for the elevator than climb the stairs smoothly.

This should be a ” hidden rule of life” that many people have not noticed but are following every day.

In the long run, the consequence will be the overall deterioration of all body functions.

” Animals, animals, have to do more activities; Don’t move? Then die fast, ” Wang Minqing said very directly.

When Wang Lao was 78, he climbed the stairs to visit his teacher instead of taking the elevator. Do household chores climb up and down, move quickly, agile behavior; In the physical examination report of more than ten years, almost no changes have taken place in various indexes …

” More activities, not covet enjoyment, to live a long and healthy life. This is much better than if you had taken a big, uncontrolled meal first, and ended up being three years old, obese, and trying to lose weight. If you want to be healthy, you must be cruel to yourself. “

Wang Lao’s words are always very real, but very reasonable.

Not serious

Professor He Yumin of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine mentioned that 20 to 30 years of clinical practice had brought him to notice a phenomenon. Relatively speaking, there are a group of people in the city who are especially vulnerable to cancer: finance, accounting, auditing, personnel, statistics and other professions as well as primary and secondary school teachers.

These jobs require a very serious attitude and cannot go wrong. This has led them to form a habit of being meticulous, cautious, repressing themselves, finding fault and even pursuing perfectionism.

Therefore, the strings of the nervous system are always tight, endocrine disorders, target organs can not stand, cancer has come.

Pursuing perfection is a good thing, but excessive pursuit is sometimes not a good thing for health, especially for those who are a little bit clean and attach great importance to details.

Not too sad

According to reports in Liaoning Daily, US researchers have found that excessive sadness may cause heart injury and produce symptoms similar to heart attack, including chest tightness and shortness of breath. Such symptoms are called ” heartbreak syndrome”.

Similar studies in Britain have confirmed that emotional changes or excessive psychological pressure, such as the loss of relatives, can cause people to ” break their hearts” and die.

Therefore, when there is a sad mood, we should learn to talk. Find friends and family to chat with, can’t suppress in the heart. You can also vent through appropriate channels, such as fitness exercises.

Those who seem to control their emotions on the surface may actually transfer the emotional garbage into the body and bring pressure to the internal organs.

Don’t Depress Yourself

” In clinical lung cancer patients, it is found that nearly half of the patients are related to long-term depression and personality depression.”

Professor Zhi Xiuyi, Director of Thoracic Surgery in xuanwu hospital, Capital Medical University, once introduced this.

Modern medicine has found that cancer often happens to people who have been depressed, anxious, depressed, depressed, fearful, sad and other emotional tensions for a long time after suffering setbacks.

Mental factors do not directly cause cancer, but they often affect and reduce the body’s immunity with a chronic and sustained stimulus.

It causes the dysfunction of autonomic nervous function and endocrine function, and causes cancer cells to break through the defense of the body’s immune system, thus forming cancer.

Don’t overdraw yourself

At the end of 2016, someone posted on Weibo that:

Li Lianjie, who was just 53 years old at that time, looked like a sick 70-year-old man.

Years of playing games have severely damaged Li Lianjie’s spine. In addition, he has hyperthyroidism and has been taking hormones all the time, which has caused him to gain weight. As a result, the martial arts superstar of the past has become puffy and gaunt.

People who work hard like saburo always have tight strings of life and are easy to overdraw themselves, which easily leads to the endocrine and autonomic nervous systems of the human body often in a state of disorder, and the body naturally cannot recover.

The human body has a useful life. Those who can maintain it live longer, and those who waste their health at will live shorter. For example, they can work overtime without restriction, have fun without restriction, and use their eyes without restriction.

Don’t worry too much

The child is over 30 and has no object.

My son hasn’t come for two months, has he lost his business?

It’s cold. Is my child wearing a sweater?

Some middle-aged and old friends do not worry much about their own affairs, but they always worry about their children, even resulting in a lot of nervous and anxious emotions. The gastrointestinal tract can sense our pressure and emotional changes, and long-term bad emotions will cause gastrointestinal dysfunction.

Many people who like to worry about will find that they always suffer from abdominal pain, abdominal discomfort and changes in defecation habits.

Not too lonely

Lonely and helpless old people are prone to depression, senile dementia and cardiovascular diseases.

Harmonious mutual aid between people, its benign emotions and signals are beneficial to the maintenance of cardiovascular function.

Heart patients are accompanied by others, who can get help from others in case of sudden heart attack, thus giving the patients psychological sustenance and comfort. Living together is not limited to a spouse; it is good for the heart as long as you are not lonely.

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