Lack of sleep and excessive sleep can damage memory

March 21 is World Sleep Day. The incidence of sleep diseases in China is very high, with 38% of the population suffering from various sleep disorders. Experts said that insufficient and excessive sleep can damage memory.

Zhao Zhongxin, an expert in neurology in shanghai changzheng hospital, said that when sleeping, the brain does not enter a shutdown mode but is still running at a high speed. Good sleep at night can effectively remove all kinds of ” garbage” generated in the brain, and has an important protective effect on cognitive function. ” If the sleep time is less than 6 hours, dementia-related proteins will increase in geometric multiples.” Zhao zhong’s new explanation.

Too much sleep also causes memory impairment. Zhao Zhongxin said that people who sleep more than 9 hours a day are prone to memory deterioration. Sleeping during the day leads to inattention and memory loss, and is also an important factor causing various accidents.

” Whether people sleep well or not is influenced not only by internal factors such as mentality, but also by external factors such as home environment.” Han Fang, director of the China Sleep Research Association and director of the peking university health science center Sleep Medical Center, said that indoor temperature, light, humidity and smell, and whether the bedding products used are soft or hard, will affect people’s sleep quality.

Recently, China’s first sleep-related home environment standard was released. This standard is jointly completed by China sleep research association, Shandong Xinyue health technology co., ltd and China institute of standardization. The establishment of relevant standards is, on the one hand, to arouse the public’s attention to sleep and understand the relevant factors affecting sleep; On the other hand, it is hoped to guide suppliers to take sleep factors into account and provide users with better sleep products.

For example, sleeping cannot be done without pillows. Experts said pillows should be different in shape and size, weight-bearing parts, air permeability and other aspects according to different sleeping positions such as supine, lateral and prone. The height of sleeping pillow should be able to satisfy the straightness of spine. The height of the sleeping pillow in the supine position should be from one punch to one and a half punches and 10-15cm.

Han Fang said that sleep disorder is not a personal matter but also a public health problem. I hope the whole society will pay attention to the problem of sleep and let more people sleep well.

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