Early morning is the best time for sex

In people’s traditional concept, sex is limited to before going to bed at night. Japanese husband and wife expert Samson Mayumi encouraged readers to change their old ideas and suggested having sex after waking up in the morning to feel better.

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1. People are more excited after sexual stimulation in the morning. Hormones and biological clocks are the key factors that determine whether people want to sleep. Generally speaking, in the evening, the human body begins to secrete hormones that promote sleep. On the contrary, in the morning, the body secretes hormones that excite nerves. Therefore, compared with night, the human body is more sensitive to external stimuli in the morning, and even if it is caressed the same way, it will feel better in the morning than at night.

2. Men have stronger erections in the morning. Most men wake up in the morning with a special physiological phenomenon-morning puffs. In the morning, the penis tends to be more firm.

3. More energetic in the morning. Some female friends often complain that their husbands refuse sex before going to bed on the grounds of fatigue. After a night’s sleep, the human body has regained sufficient energy. For men who are busy during the day and are too tired to have sex after returning home, using morning sex is a good way.

4. The short morning wake-up time enables people to ” go all out” with high satisfaction. Morning is different from night. For office workers, time is limited. However, compared with ” unlimited”, people can exert more when there is time limit. In a limited time, couples do not have to spend a lot of time and tricks on foreplay, they can reach climax in a short time. In addition, psychologically speaking, husband and wife will not have any burden on each other and their satisfaction will be higher.

5. Improve the pleasure of the day. Having good sex in the morning makes people feel refreshed and more concentrated when working and doing housework. In addition, bright light in the morning can stimulate couples’ sexual interest and eliminate their boredom with sex before going to bed.

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