1/3 people around the world can’t sleep well: cell phones are the culprit

The 21st of March every year is ” World Sleep Day”. This year, China’s theme is ” Healthy Sleep, Educational Development and Brain Protection”-Did you sleep well today?

1/3 people around the world can't sleep well: cell phones are the culprit
1/3 people around the world can’t sleep well: cell phones are the culprit

” Poor sleep” has become a difficult problem in globalization. According to the World Health Organization survey, about 1/3 of the world’s people have sleep problems, and ” sleep disorder” is a more serious clinical problem than ” sleep problem”. In China, 38% of the population have various sleep disorders, which is higher than 27% according to the World Health Organization statistics, seriously affecting people’s health level, production safety and quality of life.

Han Fang, director of the China Sleep Research Association and professor of respiratory medicine at Peking University People’s Hospital, said that sleep is a basic life activity involving all stages of the life cycle of pregnancy, children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Sleep medicine, as a new interdisciplinary subject, has received increasing attention, involving respiratory, cardiovascular, biological rhythm, basic research, pharmacology and other scientific fields.

A large number of studies have shown that sleep and sleep disorders are closely related to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, respiratory diseases, mental disorders and other chronic diseases.Sleep is also closely related to mental health. Insomnia can lead to varying degrees of abnormalities in people’s perception, attention, memory, thinking, emotion and other volitional behaviors, such as mental abnormalities such as slow perception, inattention, memory decline, slow thinking, impulsiveness and even hallucinations. People with sleep disorders not only suffer from daytime sleepiness, tiredness and hypomnesis, but also cause dysphoria, anxiety, and serious psychological disorders and mental diseases.

Han Fang said that the relationship between sleep duration and life span was ” U-shaped”.People who sleep 7-7.5 hours every night have the longest life span., sleep duration is too long or too short, the corresponding life will be reduced. At the same time, to evaluate sleep quality, one cannot simply compare the sleeping time of each day, but one should also pay attention to the state of each person after waking up: some people may not sleep for long, but wake up in high spirits; Some people sleep for a long time and still feel groggy after waking up. Their sleep quality is very poor. If it has a great impact on their life and work, it is recommended to consult a professional doctor.

Improving sleep can start at home, and the influence of external environment on sleep is crucial.Living space, including indoor temperature, light, humidity and smell, whether the bedding products used are moderate in hardness and softness, whether pillows are customized, and other factors, will affect people’s sleep quality.

Vice President Huang Zhili from Fudan University’s School of Basic Medicine also said that good sleep requires a suitable sleeping environment for individuals. Taking sound as an example, a quiet environment is a necessary condition for sleep, but absolute silence gives people a very horrible feeling and is easy to wake up. Generally speaking, about 30 decibels is a good sleep environment.

Huang Zhili said that environmental changes will also affect sleep quality. 30% of the people will respond to bad sleep on the first night of business trip, i.e., ” recognizing bed”, which is the result of environmental changes stimulating cells. Similarly, some college boys’ dormitories have poor sanitary conditions, but the students sleep soundly, because the cells in the body know ” it’s time to sleep” when they receive the smell. Some women often change cosmetics and skin care products. Every time the cells in the body have to adapt to the new smell, or like or dislike it, it will make it difficult for her to sleep.

It should be emphasized that many experts have mentioned that mobile phones can be said to be the ” major killer” of sleep.Some people always play mobile phones before going to bed, thinking that playing mobile phones can help them sleep has a great impact on everyone’s sleep. The ” white light” on the mobile phone screen can stimulate the visual nerve and excite the brain. News hot spots, star gossip and friends’ circle basking in tourism and delicious food will stimulate the brain and relieve drowsiness. How big is the impact? -Even if you don’t look at your phone and just put it next to your pillow, you’ll lose an average of 20 minutes of sleep a day.

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