Macadamia Nuts: how does it make you more beautiful?

Are you, like me, a nut enthusiast? And wouldn’t your favorite be, like me, the macadamia nut? I don’t know about you, but its crunchiness and exquisite taste make me tend to eat them like candy.

But beware, it is not only delicious, it can do much more than satisfy your sweet tooth.

I will therefore talk to you in this section about the benefits of macadamia nuts, which unfortunately are not always recognized for their true value.

Macadamia nuts: health benefits and major nutritional values
Macadamia nuts: health benefits and major nutritional values

Macadamia nuts: nutritional value

The macadamia nut has a good amount of calcium that helps to preserve your bone mass and ensure the proper functioning of your muscle, kidney and nerve cells.

It is also rich in phosphorus, which has a positive effect on the regeneration of your tissues, the health of your bones, the regulation of the pH in your blood and magnesium to avoid muscle contractures, maintain a regular heart rate and regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Other minerals present in the fruit include potassium, zinc, copper, thiamine and niacin, as well as omega 3 and 6.

Macadamia nuts also contain a significant amount of iron, which helps to transport oxygen in your body.

It is also an excellent source of fibre, which helps to regulate digestion, bad cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Fibres also provide good protection against colon cancer.

On the vitamin side, there is vitamin B to strengthen the immune and nervous systems and promote the growth of cells and vitamin E which, combined with selenium, protect cell membranes against oxidation.

Because I am often hungry in the middle of the morning or afternoon, I am used to eating a few macadamia nuts, which helps me to wait until the next meal.

I also use oil from macadamia nuts (discussed in the next section) as cooking oil. I also like to add a drizzle to my salads. It has a very sweet, somewhat fruity taste, in short very pleasant.

A small healthy recipe

The sweet and tender flavours of macadamia nut blend perfectly with the freshness of pear and avocado. Here is one of my favourite recipes, a simple and quick to make aperitif salad that is as delicious as it is original.

Avocado and pear salad with macadamia nuts

For this recipe that can suit four people, you will need two ripe avocados, 40 g macadamia nuts, two pears, two small limes, fleur de sel and ground black pepper.

In a mortar, crush the macadamia nuts with a pestle. Then peel the avocados, cut them in half lengthwise, remove the stones and cut the flesh into small cubes.

Place these cubes in a bowl and sprinkle them with lemon juice. Do the same with pears. Peel them, cut them in half lengthwise, remove the core and seeds and cut the flesh into small cubes.

Combine the pears with the avocados in the bowl and the macadamia nut pieces. Mix it all together gently and add a little more lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

The benefits of macadamia nuts on your beauty

Macadamia nut oil

Macadamia nuts do not only take care of your health and satisfy your appetite but also have undeniable virtues to enhance your beauty.

I am an unconditional follower of the oil obtained from this fruit and I take full advantage of the opportunity offered to me to praise its merits.

Macadamia nut oil is extracted from the fruit by first cold mechanical pressing. During this extraction, nuts that cannot be sold to food shops because of their small size are used.

They produce an oil bursting with amino fatty acids, oleic acid and a rare fatty acid, palmitoleic acid (omega 7), known for its ability to purify and beautify the skin.

Its benefits on the skin

Commonly used in cosmetics, macadamia oil, with its sweet smell of roasted hazelnut, acts effectively on the skin of the face and body. It is designed to take particular care of fragile skin.

It nourishes, regenerates, soothes, moisturizes, repairs, revitalizes, protects (anti-UV protection), softens, allows them to limit the presence of stretch marks and even to remove post-operative scars.

It also promotes the healing of chapped skin. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it also prevents premature skin ageing by preventing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and brown spots.

Another interesting feature of this oil is that it has the precious advantage of quickly penetrating the skin without leaving an oily film.

Macadamia oil is also highly appreciated as a massage oil to which it is possible to integrate the essential oils of your choice for better results. It helps to improve microcirculation and tone the lymphatic system.

It is also renowned for sports massages because it prepares the muscles for the physical effort required.

Beauty tips

To keep your youthful appearance longer, replace the application of your day and night cream with a few drops of macadamia oil on your face and neck.

This is a very effective and much less expensive trick. Personally, I stopped using moisturizing facial creams a few years ago to favour natural oils.

My complexion is more radiant and… my bank account too.

Similarly, replace your usual make-up remover with macadamia oil. Soak a damp, wrung out sponge with a few drops of oil and gently rub the areas to be removed. Rinse with mineral water.

For a homemade lip balm, mix a few drops of macadamia oil with organic beeswax.

To counter the unsightly appearance of cellulite, make a massage oil with 50 ml of macadamia oil + about fifteen drops of each of these essential oils: geranium, Atlas cedar, cypress and grapefruit.

Gently massage the areas affected by cellulite with circular movements.

To hydrate your body in depth, what could be better than the daily application of a nourishing balm? Create a house with 60 grams of macadamia oil, 12 grams of beeswax and 9 grams of shea butter.

Simply melt these ingredients in a water bath and then immerse the container in a bowl of cold water and whisk the mixture until it has a consistency similar to whipped cream. Finally, pour your treatment into a small jar.

If your hands and feet are chapped or cracked, treat them with a special cream based on macadamia and sweet almond oil (25 ml for each oil), about twenty drops of lavender and rosewood essential oil and five drops of vitamin E.

Its benefits on the hair

Macadamia oil works wonders on all types of hair, damaged by aggressive hair treatments.

It deeply moisturizes hair, softens it, detangles it, protects it against UV radiation, keeps hair colours intact and regenerates the most damaged hair.

To fully enjoy its benefits, apply macadamia oil to your entire hair before your shampoo. Let it rest for about twenty minutes.

You can also apply the oil to your lengths only and let it rest all night.

You can also use it pure as a cranial massage oil because it stimulates blood circulation from the hair root.

Although much less known and used than most other types of nuts and vegetable oils on the market, macadamia nuts and their oil have a proven track record in skin and hair care.

I invite you to try it out, in order to combine the useful with the pleasant.

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