Is soda water bad for you: Comprehensive analysis and investigation

I have noticed in recent months that my belly has increased again. I already know who did it… it’s the soda. In fact, since my teenage years I have been a soda addict, especially during the summer. I always thought it shouldn’t be so bad for your health since everyone drinks it.

And one day, by pure chance, I came across a video talking about the harmful effects of soda. I started to do more research and then I discovered how bad sodas are for my health.

Do you know the real impact of soft drinks on your body? Do you want to live longer and healthier lives?

Disclaimer: this article aims to analyze the relationship between soda drinks and human health. we do not target any soda brand, nor do we harm any brand.

Is soda water bad for you: Comprehensive analysis and investigation
Is soda water bad for you: Comprehensive analysis and investigation

The components of soda are harmful to our health

Soft drinks are made up of several harmful elements. Today I will talk to you about the most harmful elements to our health.

Soda: a drink that is far too sweet

Sugar does not contain vitamins or minerals. It is called “empty calories.” By drinking your 33cl can of Coca Cola, you consume 35g of sugar, or 7 squares of sugar. However, the quantity recommended by the WHO is 25 grams of sugar per day, or 5 squares of sugar (2). Just the can of soda exceeds our daily need for sugar.

Phosphoric acid: Beware of danger!!!!!

The content of regular and light Coca Cola is very high. The phosphoric acid consumed is responsible for osteoporosis, it acts negatively on our teeth, bones, kidneys, etc.

Caffeine: an exciting to avoid absolutely

It is a danger due to its effects on the nervous system. If you find it dangerous to make your child drink coffee, you should also know that it is just as dangerous to make him drink soda (colas) because it contains caffeine (between 7 and 42 mg). Soda is just as harmful to your child’s health.

Light soda, a drink filled with fake sugars: the most commonly used is aspartame (E951). It is contained in light sodas as a substitute for sugar. It is not in itself dangerous, it dissolves in the intestines. It therefore does not enter the bloodstream. However, its excessive presence in the body causes harmful effects.

Diseases related to soda consumption

We contract several diseases related to the consumption of soda:

Cardiovascular diseases: stop soda!

A 20-year study of 40,000 men shows that individuals who consume sweetened drinks daily increase their risk of heart attacks by 20% (3).

Diabetes: soda, an active ingredient in the development of diabetes

By consuming sugar, the pancreas secretes insulin to stabilize blood glucose levels (called blood sugar). When sugar consumption is very high, such as that of sodas, your body makes a sudden increase in glucose leading to insulin peaks. These lead to insulin resistance in the long run, which precedes type 2 diabetes. French researchers report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition a study of 66118 women over 14 years. Research shows that consuming 5 cans per week increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by 130%.

Dental caries: protect the enamel of your teeth

They are favoured by the regular consumption of soda. Phosphoric acid and excess sugar are harmful to our teeth. A researcher conducted the study on the effects of phosphoric acid on our teeth. He dipped the teeth of a dead wild bear in phosphoric acid, 12 hours later, the enamel of the teeth broke off (4). This is the same reaction on the teeth of humans when they regularly consume soft drinks.

soda has an impact on the development of cancers

The consumption of 1 to 2 glasses of soda per day would increase the risk of pancreatic cancer by 87%. Noel T. Mueller, a researcher at Georgetown University, says: “The sugar in sodas increases the level of insulin in the body, which most certainly contributes to the development of cancer cells in the pancreas.

Obesity: it is strongly linked to regular soda consumption

The excess sugar in soft drinks is bad for our liver and causes weight gain. Sodas contain excessive amounts of fructose. It is our liver that transforms fructose in the body. However, when the liver is submerged in fructose, it transforms it into fat that is stored around our stomach and organs. This leads to obesity and health problems in the long run.

Leptin resistance, another cause of obesity

Ghrelin is a digestive hormone that stimulates appetite. Leptin, on the other hand, implies a feeling of satiety in the body. Sweetened drinks increase your ghrelin levels, making you want to drink them all the time. It is leptin resistance that causes weight gain and negative health effects.

Addiction: soda creates addiction!

By ingesting large amounts of sugar, dopamine, the hormone that gives us the sensation of pleasure, creates addiction. It is the same effect as cocaine use. The more we consume it, the more we become dependent on it.

Cell aging, we might as well avoid

In a study conducted by the University of San Francisco in California, the link between early cell aging and soda consumption was established (5). The excessive sugar in soda accelerates cell aging from 4 to 6 years.

Gout: yet another disease linked to the consumption of soda

According to a study conducted on 46,393 men in Canada, soda consumption increases the risk of gout to 85% for a minimum of 2 soda per day. The risk drops to 45% for those who consume one soda per day (6).

Alternatives to soda

  • The water
  • Homemade fruit juices

You may feel like you’re quenching your thirst by drinking soda. This feeling is just psychological and related to unwanted advertising.

You see through their components and the diseases they can cause that sodas are bad for our health. They do not provide any nutritional value to our body, except for a multitude of medium- and long-term health problems.

To get out of this addiction, start by gradually including water and fruit juices in your daily routine. At the same time, gradually reduce your consumption of soda until you no longer consume it.


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