10 foods can help you eliminate abdominal fat

Every morning when you wake up, lower your head and look at your fat-filled belly, you may be in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

Your abdomen is the easiest place to accumulate fat. When you have a big belly, your body will become very bad.

Fortunately, besides fitness in the gym, there is also food that can help you lose abdominal fat. Here are 10 foods that can help you eliminate abdominal fat.

10 food can help youliminate abdominalfat: avocado

1:The lemon to degrease your belly

The properties of lemon allow it to remove proteins and fat from your tissues. Pour a few drops of lemon on a plate containing fat. After a few minutes, the fat is effortlessly removed when you sponge it.

It’s the same effect in your body. Lemon thanks to its acidity, its high PH degreases your tissues. Moreover, thanks to its high concentration of vitamin C, it allows you to have enough energy, leading you to exercise.

Be careful if you have ulcers or have allergic reactions, consult your doctor.

2:Apple and pear

Everyone knows that apples, because of their fibres, are an ally in weight loss.

What about the pear?

Pears contain pectins, which helps to cleanse your body of cholesterol and promote transit. Pear contains minerals, potassium, fibre, vitamin E, C, B. Beyond its fat-burning properties, it is a miracle food against stress. Pears are mainly recommended by doctors in the diet of stroke patients.

And the apples?

You know the song” Eat an Apple a Day keep the doctor away” eat an apple every day keeps you from the doctor. The properties of apples are well established. Not only in the decline of abdominal fat but for our body in general.

Thanks to its antioxidant properties, apples play an essential role in maintaining the balance of our body. Apple and pear help to reduce insulin production in the body.

They also help to reduce the level of carbohydrates in our blood. The Institute of Social Medicine in Brazil (RIO de Janeiro) organized a study on women between the ages of 30 and 50.

Some of them consume the pear. The others eating apples. And the last group ate oatmeal cookies 3 times a day on a strict diet. After 12 weeks, we notice that women consuming apples and pears lost 50% more weight than women consuming oatmeal cookies.

3:Broccoli, the miracle food of the 21st century

You agree with me? this vegetable to have an impeccable taste should be cooked about 4 minutes. I usually steam it. Or I soak it for a few minutes in boiling water. You can also eat it raw (I haven’t had the courage yet).

It is 90% full of water. The rest is minerals, vitamins C, vitamin K, vitamins B9, fibre. It is also rich in antioxidants. Beyond the degreasing of your belly, it is a powerful health ally. Green vegetables are 90% filled with fibre and water.

Fibre-rich foods make you feel full, cutting off your appetite. And the less you eat, the less you get fat (4).


Pineapple is often referred to as a weight-loss food. As our bodies are different, some people lose weight through regular pineapple consumption. To be honest, I didn’t eat pineapple (isolated) for my diets.

But pineapple combined with other fruits helps you (and that’s for sure) to lose weight.

I share with you this little pineapple recipe. Boil pineapple skins combined with ginger (1 finger) and a cut lemon (including the skin) in a bowl. Boil for about an hour. Get off the heat and let it cool down.

You can add honey for the taste. This recipe made me lose my abdominal fat. Consume it 3 to 4 times a day. During the winter it is also an ideal drink to fight against the cold (to take warm) and prevent flu and angina.


Avocado contains fat but good fat. It is therefore very nourishing without increasing your blood cholesterol. It also facilitates intestinal transit. Avocado is full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants.

Personally, since I discovered the virtues of avocado kernel, I often make avocado kernel juices. It helps to degrease the belly.

6:Eggplant juice

To lose your abdominal fat with this vegetable, you should consume its juice instead. In a saucepan over a high heat, cut and add the diced eggplant pieces with their skins. Boil for about 30 minutes.

When the juice is obtained, remove it from the heat and let it cool. Then filter to get your juice. Add the juice of one lemon squeezed. This drink, consumed regularly, will quickly make you lose the bulges.

Now remember to include eggplants on your plates. It is an antioxidant and contains several vitamins. Eggplant is also very low in calories and high in mineral salts. Full of fibre, it facilitates your intestinal transit and gives you the impression of satiety, thus reducing your appetite. Studies have also shown that eggplant cleanses the body of blood cholesterol and fats in general.

7:Quinoa to fight against abdominal fat

Quinoa is a good food to lose stomach. Rich in magnesium, fibre, vitamins and carbohydrates. If you do not eat more rice or pasta for your diet, try quinoa, it is a very healthy and balanced food. Cook it for about 15 minutes (one part quinoa to two parts water).

Always prepare it in vegetables with spices to enhance its taste (5).

8: Salmon for a flat stomach

Salmon is a fish to be eaten regularly (3 times a week) for your goal of fighting belly swelling. It contains many vitamins and several properties useful for losing weight (6).

9 :Beans to expel abdominal fat

Like all legumes, they are rich in fibre, water and protein. Beans are also appetite suppressants. They promote intestinal transit. They are also full of flavonoids that reduce fat storage in the stomach. Black beans contain more flavonoids, so rely more on them (7).

10: Nuts mainly almonds

Almonds and nuts in general are recommended if you want to lose your bulges. Thanks to the phytosterols (molecules similar to those of cholesterol) they contain, almonds help you lose weight in general and especially in the abdomen.

Phytotrons by their composition are stored in the fat deposit in our body. They will thus fight against cholesterol, and reduce intestinal cholesterol absorption. They are in a way our little insiders (infiltrated spies) to avenge our cholesterol.

Other recommendations

If you want to burn abdominal fat, in addition to the foods you eat regularly, you should drink plenty of water to help remove waste from your body. Drink water in the morning when you wake up before brushing.

The enzymes in the mouth will help your transit to start the day off right. You must also play sports. In fact, sport weakens your body, forcing it to draw energy from its fat reserves to support activities. It is therefore one of the best fat burners when combined with a balanced diet.

Avoid drinking iced drinks after meals. Green tea is the one I recommend. Green tea is a food or drink (depending on its preparation) that contains active molecules that allow you to burn your abdominal fat without effort on your part.

Drink hot green tea after each meal to avoid crystallizing the fat contained in your meals in the intestines; thus promoting their swelling.


For a farewell to your abdominal fat, you must adopt a healthy and balanced diet. You don’t have to eat broths every time or eat dishes you don’t like, but just to lose weight from your stomach. It won’t work that way.

Concoct appetizing dishes with more vegetables and spices. Eat fruit all day long instead of chips or small sweets. Please remember to leave us a message before leaving us.

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