What is the pimple on the tongue? How to eliminate it?

Having pimples on the tongue is not usually a symptom of a serious health problem. However, it can cause a lot of discomfort to the person suffering from this disease. There are indeed many causes causing the appearance of white pimples on the tongue.

The white pimples on the sides of the tongue can indicate a serious health problem such as a simple bacterial problem. This may or may not be serious, but sometimes this colour change occurs under or on the tongue or simply on the edges of the tongue. People of all ages, including babies, can have such pimples on their tongues.

However, it is advisable to always keep an eye out for changes in white spots on the side of your tongue.

Causes of white buttons on the tongue

First, one of the most common causes is a food allergy. It occurs when you eat a food that can trigger allergies in your body. The immune system then reacts by pushing it onto the allergen ingested in the body on the surface of the skin.

White pimples on the tongue can also be caused by friction with crispy foods, or hard candy, or by an accidental bite of the tongue.

Excessive consumption of fatty foods can be responsible for the appearance of white pimples on the tongue. Indeed, the body tries to remove excess fat by releasing more oils through the skin that can clog the pores of the tongue. It is an ideal environment for bacteria present in the oral cavity to grow on the surface of the tongue and pimples appear.

Pimples often appear on the tongue when suffering from viral infections such as herpes or oral flu. Once the infection disappears, they will also disappear.

A form of yeast infection known as thrush or oral candidiasis can also cause white pimples on the surface of the tongue. If the straws of the tongue are irritated and inflamed for any reason, red pimples appear!

And finally, if the skin of the tongue is impure, then microbes establish their base in these pores, forming pimples.

What are the solutions?

During the treatment of this problem, it is impossible to apply topical ointment or topical cream to the tongue. Unless the condition is really serious, doctors will not prescribe antibiotics for the treatment of white pimples on the tongue. Therefore, in order to cure this condition, it will be useful to use home remedies.

Here are some easy tips for handling white pimples on the tongue.

  • You can gargle with warm salted water two to three times a day to reduce the size of the pimples. This will not only reduce pain and inflammation quickly, but also prevent the infection from spreading further.
  • It is extremely useful to gargle with a medicated mouthwash. Mouthwash components kill bacteria in the mouth, and provide relief.
  • Before going to bed, you can also chew mint leaves. This will reduce the size of the pimple the next morning.
  • Apply a paste prepared with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to the affected area of the tongue to keep bacterial infection under control.
  • Magnesia milk can also reduce the pain caused by the pimple. To do this, dab a cotton swab into the magnesia milk, and apply it to the tongue at least twice a day.
  • It has been found in many cases that the pimples on the tongue are due to a deficiency of vitamin B. Thus, taking vitamin B supplements for a week can bring some improvement to this problem. However, it is recommended to seek the advice of a physician before taking any medication or supplement.

In principle, pimples tend to disappear after a few days. If the home treatment does not show any results, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

When you are bothered by the appearance of these pimples, all you have to do is take preventive measures.
Eat a well-balanced diet, consisting of a good amount of fresh fruit and vegetables. In order to eliminate toxins from the body, it is advisable to drink plenty of water.

Also avoid eating fatty, spicy foods. Indeed, it is one of the components that can trigger allergies. Maintain good oral hygiene.

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